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Ten Little Lobsters

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2 months ago
Inspired by true events

Ten little lobsters were considering resign;
One suddenly ragequitted, and then there were nine.

Nine little lobsters said "anti?" much too late;
Mass-energy conversion worked, and then there were eight.

Eight little lobsters once together rushed Merlin;
They set it on free fire though, and then there were seven.

Seven little lobsters were set to throw kicks;
One queued a bunch of storages, and then there were six.

Six little lobsters wished a mighty overdrive;
One morphed a geo by the front, and then there were five.

Five little lobsters joined a room of ZeroWar;
Their neurons were decaying fast, and then there were four.

Four little lobsters have played a map of sea;
One plopped a spiders factory, and then there were three.

Three little lobsters run ahead, defense was overdue;
One got strained by gnats; and then there were two.

Two little lobsters were bored, nothing new beneath the Sun;
One went to code the PlanetWars, and then there was one.

One little lobster played matchmaking seeking fun;
Was matched against a purple star, and then there were none.
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2 months ago
what did you smoke?
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2 months ago
I want some of this smoke too!
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2 months ago
Purple stars are lobsters
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2 months ago
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2 months ago
Once upon a time i played a game with lobsters 1 quitted because he didn't like the map second lobster didn't like the map and he quitted too then i was alone 1 vs 3 and then the gaint potato enemy whanted to quit bacuase 1v3 is not fair. The Map story
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2 months ago
what did you smoke?

I have feelings that he smoke linoleum.
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2 months ago
I have feelings that he smoke linoleum.

I'm Linoleum Blownapart .
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2 months ago
impressed applause
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2 months ago
Concert Channel?
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I demand live reading of this on mumble or somewhere with announced time!
I heard some dude in here playing on musical instruments, we need to invite him too :P

#strictlyforentertainmentpurposes of course :D
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2 months ago
that would be DErankkatastrophe with his on-my-nerves-on-mumble-going flute.
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2 months ago
Now thats a good collection of Lobpot antipattern. Maybe some more verses about having to air fac and getting bombed, having air fac but neglecting scouting, endless rushing of Singus, Singu near frontline, unprotected critical infrastructue in the back of the base, in addition to merlin on autofire: trem on autofire, bertha on autofire. Also: not connecting grid, no coordination of factories (although i remember a 10vs10 where the side with 4 gunships won)
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2 months ago
Having an air fac and getting COM NAPPED! The biggest salt there is out here :P
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Ten cobbles were each building different super weapons,
none were completed when a shiny came from the heavens.
Nine were left to leave good impressions.

Nine big cobbles were contemplating resign
A stray bertha shot exploded their singus either by luck or design
Eight were left to come up with plans very asinine.

Eight large cobbles were spamming pylons
Probably should have zoomed out to see a lack of energy icons
Seven were left yelling "come-on"

Seven huge cobbles were morphing their comms
Repeated lancerations and flying bombs soon gave them huge qualms.
Six were left telling jokes about each's mom.

Six major cobbles were rushing singularities
Each time they'd get raided by scythes with alarming regularities.
Five were left contemplating their particularities.

Five massive cobbles were spamming walls of storage
When front broke, none had any units or courage
Four were left to go afk to eat some porridge

Four enormous cobbles were making stardust in rear
When goliaths appeared, they lost everything they held dear
Three were left to live in fear

Three gigantic cobbles were going air
Too busy making cranes when their teammates wanted scouts to prepare
Two were left without a prayer

Two vast cobbles were idling their army
When dante dropped in their base soon they were very sorry
One was left in the safari.

One BOUNDLESS cobble decided instead of units to spam factory
When armies came, they were found to be unsatisfactory
None were left. extremely dissatisfactory.
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