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Unelected have 100% metal quota

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Why do unelected people now seem to have 100% metal quota?

Banman was able to use 250 of our 260 metalz

At the time he was a general.
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Also Secretary of Industry should be able to destroy stuff like this.
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6 years ago
I presume he spent from his personal account.
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6 years ago
The problem is still there. Non-elected players that never use their quota end up having access to 100% of the faction's metal/dropships, thus causing significant overheads. Unfortunately, most of the players do not care about bigger picture, and end up using that quota as their own, compromising faction's ability to fight. I have no problem with personal quotas, but there should be some control over it (as in people should be given access to their quota only when permitted to, otherwise it is just pure waste)
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