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crab is hard to move a tiny bit to reposition on spire because it can guard itself O.o

flea / widow.. maybe any all-terrain unit .. stops when in range of a terra obscured target and does not path to find a target angle it can shoot at.. a sunken caretaker was un-attack-able because all attempts to move into the pit made my fleas attack the caretaker and that made them stand still on the terraform lip doing nothing forcing me to do run by attacks ~ yeah i guess i could have angled my camera =/

ulti does not take its weapon into account when firing at terra obscured targets.. looking at you geo's

under-powered units = newton, blast-wing, detriment, reef .. blast wing is ok.. but then its suddenly useless.. its minefield ability does not combat this and its only use becomes as a cloak trap.. its damage is a joke and the fact they always die is like ripping off your own arms to use as weapons
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6 days ago
Check for or make ticktets.
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yeah good point sorry.. i was hoping i was just missing something simple.. like 'put them on roam' or something.. and the balance things are not rly bugs.. idk i dont want to bother you too much.. i have just been working around these things for 6 months and it doesn't really stop me enjoying the game..

however every bug here except for ulti shooting through ground can be fixed by preventing units guarding themselves

i guess units stopping when in range but before they can hit a target is a bit weird but maybe its too expensive to check los all the time ok ok ill make a ticket nextime

i was going to ask here first is there any reason they can guard themselves? it makes moving them sometimes very tricky
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6 days ago
I am unable to make a unit guard itself. It would be nice if pressing M and then left clicking on a unit would give a Move order, rather than doing nothing.

I don't have the Flea problem.
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It would be nice if pressing M and then left clicking on a unit would give a Move order, rather than doing nothing.

yes that works. thank you. and sorry too =( silly me.. i was using just right click and it would become a self guard icon

I am unable to make a unit guard itself.

im not sure it actually guards itself it just becomes a shield cursor after i hover over the unit with the unit selected. but now ill start using shortcuts like 'M'

maybe the flea thing was just an edge case involving terraform slopes.. i have the replay though but i feel like iv bothered you enough

looked at the replay and i must have missed it or been mistaken i cant seem to find it anyway.. i feel like iv seen it a few times but its rare. if it pops up again ill take a screen shot
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5 days ago
when i saw the title i was like "do you actually have little bits of me?"
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