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ADVENT vs Mumble Small Teams Scrim May 23 2020

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Start time is 19:00 UTC, Saturday 23rd May

This is a good opportunity to find people you enjoy playing with and building up a group you can roll with in the daily big team games.
It is suggested that you join a clan and get familiar with people inside of it. Outsiders may request temporary membership for the event.


Fixed clan teams. Best of five using a pool of nine maps. Lower average team elo picks first map, loser picks each next map.

Map Pool

Comet Catcher Redux v3.1
Banana Republic v1.0.1
Hourglass v1.3
Eye of Horus v13
Leyline v1.1
Adansonia v4.1
Firebreak v1.1
Nuclear Winter




Results & Replays


Special thanks to USrank_Shaman for helping to make this happen. We look forward to seeing everyone next time, and perhaps we'll see some more clans entering the fray!
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unknownrankKurosei is interested in rolling with us. Said they weren't able to pull together their own team. If this is acceptable for you guys, we'd like to allow them to join us since we'll be short a few players and it would allow us a to form a bigger game. I would dislike for someone interested to miss out. Goes against my personal beliefs of open community events.

There's another clan I'm interested to see if we cannot reach out to leadership to pull them into our initiative. 1TR seems fairly big and they did get a decent stack going a few days ago. Maybe one of us should attempt to reach out to their leadership?

Also I'd suggest we try to help unknownrankKurosei recruit a bit. Recommend some newbies to join AtoSen maybe. If they can get a reliable stack going, I think it would drive interest in clans higher, produce more competition, and give unknownrankKurosei a personal stake in the community. Maybe the same could be done for SK.
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13 days ago
emailed captaincox
amielcox@gmail.com here you can email too for extra spam
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13 days ago
Hi. 1TR would potentially be interested. Polling for interest now. We probably wouldn't be able to make it tomorrow as it's relatively short notice for us but we'd probably be interested in one in the near future.

Our group is made up of a healthy mix of really new players and somewhat experienced players.
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13 days ago
I'll assume unknownrankKurosei's post was confirmation. Added unknownrankKurosei to the ADVENT lineup!

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If you build it, they will come.

If all else fails, we can do regular scrims between us. We can use this to seed less popular game modes and provide much needed variety to zk. Combined, the two of us have the numbers to make this a reality. The more of us that join in too, the more seeding power we will have. Most of us in the daily ADVENT runs more or less just enjoy playing with one another with voice chat. We've had talks about seeding smaller game modes internally. The biggest concerning issue I think is keeping ADVENT together and not split teams. The regulars hate this when we get split up and often it means the stack dies off pretty quickly.

I suspect that over time, turnout will improve and rotating out different ideas will provide the variety for more people to become interested in this initiative. We should try to find a means to get smaller clans involved too. I'm willing to help smaller clans get bigger personally (as I would like to see more viable competition). Clan stacks are always the most enjoyable to fight against as it means an (semi)organized opposition.
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USrankArchangel also wanted to join if they show up, although the confidence was not very high:
[4:32 PM] Archangel: I might be able to join the clan wars
[4:32 PM] Archangel: but can't be sure

EErankdahn is a guaranteed show though:
[11:39 PM] dahn: count me in

So we'll see how things play out tomorrow I guess. I wanted unknownrankKurosei to feel welcomed and I did say yes to them. So I guess our last slot will be EErankdahn or USrankArchangel depending on who wants it more.
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13 days ago
umm we are out ranked hard.. they have two purples =/
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13 days ago
Sure, we're a bit out ranked, individually. But that has never stopped us before. I have full confidence in every one of you. We may be underdogs in this combat, but we are not to be discounted. Our core members have pulled off amazing stuff like Multiplayer B896476 20 on Vantage v1.2. And one of our biggest weaknesses as a stack has gotten a solution lately. Have faith, have confidence, have comradery.

There is no shame to die to MC, but there is glory to be had in smashing them into pieces.
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think of the drp-game.
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13 days ago
Well, to give credit where it's due, I really do think ADVENT is the most coordinated clan that Zero-K has right now. ADVENT somehow manages to pull off effective mind merges at scales I never really thought possible, and they have been really creative in a pinch. While we may be favoured on paper, this series is meant to showcase what Zero-K can look like with high levels of coordination, and I wouldn't be surprised if the series ends up much more even than you might at first think.
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13 days ago
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13 days ago
Didn't you forget to include somebody?

You should replace DErankkatastrophe with me considering...
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Issued on: 5/13/2020 8:44:12 AM (10 days ago)
Expires on: 6/10/2020 8:44:12 AM
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I don't know about other mumbles, but ROrankSigero and NZrankesainane are extremely competent players. If they will be playing to their full potential I don't see how opposite team can win no matter how coordinated they can be, considering listed roster. They got half team of potatoes, lol. Coordination is no good without skilled micro and agressive game. That said, I would be disappointed should mumbe lose. GBrankLynx is an alright player but is obvious weak spot in mumble lineup.
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I dont think we should take these games to serious as in who is bether.
Of course this isnt totaly balanced. But we do it for the fun.

And who knows, maybe next time ADVENT can bring in higher ranked players, while Mumble Clan can't rely on players like ROrankSigero.
(@Sigero is a rusty old man btw, dont expect more then a few glaives ;-) )
Also don't overestimate ranks ;) a good combination of unit works no mather the rank :D

CZrankpsaniac, DErankkatastrophe has requested to be unbanned for the event. But we can change out players during the game if we are to many.

Hey, if we are to many, and there are some more spectators, they could also come to mumble (the voice chat) and we could watch the games togehter?
It would certainly be interessting.
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Yes, I think we should look at it more like
rather than
bonus pic: the average ZK teams all welcome game
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13 days ago
This should be a really good event however it goes down results wise.

The way that ADVENT have been ruling teams games recently is very impressive and has bought a new dynamic to the game, especially with how they get several players squaded.

MC plays a lot together as well, but we don't usually squad... maybe something we should think about NZrankesainane.

A group of solo players vs the ADVENT hive mind, the squad seems to be consistentyly coming out on top.

See you all later tonight.

I might see if I can get GBrankcaytea to stream the matches on twitch.
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13 days ago
Well, it looks like we both have nine people that are pretty keen to play. I'd originally planned on a cap of 8v8 to stay within Small Teams territory, but 9v9 probably isn't too bad, if ADVENT is okay with that? Alternatively, we could also rotate people in and out between matches, to give everyone a chance to play.
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13 days ago
Sounds good. GBrankthe_green_squig recently joined ADVENT, so we're down for rotations. We may need to be allowed some time for rotation. Maybe a 3 minute break between matches to reorganize and regroup?
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12 days ago
If you manage to get 3 clans do a 3 way FFA.
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