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Flickering using OBS studio recording

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It seems that not just me but other people have this issue while moving camera and zooming in/out of the map:

Zade Review On Youtube
Recent Video Of Mine With Units Flickering Also

Another thing that I want to mention. If we use the Full-Screen method there is NO WAY, and I mean NO WAY to ALt+tab out of the game to change some settings like sound or to respond to a Facebook message, etc. Can we make the full-screen thing less intrusive?

What is the cause of the flickering using OBS? While recording the units in-game and the zoom itself was quite smooth but after I watch the recording everything looks terrible. I myself won't have issues with it since I am going to use totally different software for recording, but what about the others?
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9 days ago
Huh, I've never experienced that AFAIK with my recordings. I wonder if it's a thing that COFC sidesteps, since I use that exclusively, but it isn't the default last I checked.
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9 days ago
There must be a setting in Zero-K that changes something...
Also, I cannot find a way to show my mouse pointer while using NDI :D. For example, the windows mouse pointer shows without any issues but when entering Zero-K with alt+tab then it disappears.

Can I ask how is the mouse pointer added to the Zero-K game? I need some coding information in order to spot the problem because I think this one can easily be fixed.
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Maybe because I use borderless fullscreen and not normal fullscreen. I also set the resolution to 1920x1081 instead of my native 1920x1080, but that was due to an old framerate bug which I think has since been fixed. I've found other OpenGL games tend to have issues rendering in-game cursors at native resolution, so maybe borderless fullscreen at 1920x1081 (or whatever your native resolution is +1 to y) would fix those problems.
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