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Help: Zero-K don't start

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I cannot play the game since 16-10-2020. (Edit to reply Chesti: Linux 64bit, used files from the itch.io )

I tried to reinstall Zero-K, removed all relevant contents and folders.

It seems the engine is the cause, was there an update?

Run the game in the game directory, in my case ~/Downloads/zk , executing the simple command
./Zero-K.exe or mono Zero-K.exe

Zero-K.exe Information: 0 : Checking for self-upgrade
Zero-K.exe Information: 0 : PackageRefresh complete - packages changed
Zero-K.exe Information: 0 : Querying default engine
Zero-K.exe Information: 0 : Reseting configs and deploying AIs
Zero-K.exe Information: 0 : Connecting to steam API
Setting breakpad minidump AppID = 334920
Steam_SetMinidumpSteamID: Caching Steam ID: 76561198179498790 [API loaded no]
Zero-K.exe Information: 0 : Steam online
Zero-K.exe Information: 0 : Starting

A transparent layer was created as a result.

My last game was my moddified local game only edited units/vehriot.*

Edit: I didn't realize Zero-K is now avaiable on Steam under Linux, thanks mojjj I will try the steam version, and it works.

Edit 4th time:
Steam version do startup but the network is unstable and lagging, often logout and my actions in lobby is lagged, however I shall see the other's in-game, is this uploading network jam?
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8 days ago
Linux or Windows?
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8 days ago
i have steam and use this command to start (on linux)

cd ~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Zero-K && ./Zero-K_linux64
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Strange: installed on Linux from Steam and it is working, the folder is native Linux then why not declare Linux support on steam?
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7 days ago
Because there was another underlying thing.
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Unfortunately jumping through all the hoops to formally indicate Linux support on Steam is more complicated than merely making it work.
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6 days ago
Steam version do startup but the network is unstable and lagging
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