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BAR got mention in a youtube channel

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16 days ago

I am surprised at how bad it looks, the units look much better on the website

this just makes me realize how much I prefer ZK over BAR,

but we should get them some signal boost anyway
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16 days ago
I think BAR visually is amazing. Its exactly how I'd want a spring engine game to look. And that map is gorgeous.

The *A gameplay on the other hand is 15 years old and disappointingly flat.
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Being surprised at how it looks compared to the prerendered hype of the website might say more about the website than the ingame visuals. The website is very pretty and, whatever you say about prerendering, it seems to work well to attract people and to make them take BAR more seriously.

I think the visuals are decent. The maps are very good and something I think could be done for ZK. High quality map visuals seem pretty important when the map takes up almost all the non-UI space on the screen. The special effects (CEGS) also show that someone has gone through the effects and put an effort in to make them consistent and look good. I think it shows everyone who has moaned that the technology is a bit ancient instead of improving the ZK effects that all it takes is a bit of time and attention to detail, not the next big rendering overhaul. The units seem nice and consistent but I am concerned that they've sacrificed being able to recognise the units at playable zoom for the sake of visuals. If someone were to remake the ZK models then I'd want them to be high quality and at least as recognisable as they are now, which would be quite a feat.

We'll have to see where the gameplay goes. I'm not sure how close each of the developers thinks they are to being done.
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BAR is incredibly buggy and the UI reminds me about worst in BA/TA, some UI is pretty good tho but order/unit panels are just awful :\
clean install all default lags on top end hardware, fps is ~30-40 in the beginning. Can only imagine how bad it gets in late game
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15 days ago
clean install all default lags on top end hardware, fps is ~30-40 in the beginning. Can only imagine how bad it gets in late game

For balance, this was not my experience. I got very high fps with the default settings, and it showed all other players in the game had >99 (what the "player list" caps out unless you mouse over an individual) when I checked in the early game.
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15 days ago
same guy did a vid on zk 2 years ago
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