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continue the rhyme

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3 months ago
make eco get bombed

make air lose front
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This line don't rhyme.
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3 months ago
Let your crabs get lobbed,

Have them feel a good punt.
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3 months ago
Gnats, hercules, you will get robbed

The gunship player is on the hunt
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This line don't rhyme.

USrankShaman might've left his spellcheck disabled

Because Doesn't is what he should've put
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3 months ago
It was intentional. The intention was a 4 syllable line demonstrating an actual rhyme. Does/nt is a two syllable word.
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3 months ago
Some ZK is great every day,
Assuming that you're able to play
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3 months ago
Some lobsters are red
Others are blue
But no matter the color
they still die to a nuke
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If you get robbed,
make storage like lob

Halbrends with hold fire,
some lances in behind,
Watch opponents lose their mind.

Be clever add mace or two on the side,
Enemy raiders coming from behind.

Enemy is resourceful, deploying cloack,
Break it with your scouting,
before you get destroyed
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2 months ago
Everytime i try to play zero-k
Lobsters keep calling me names
But when they say that i cant play
Then i look at theyre colour
and see that they are still grey

i still wonder why we still play
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2 months ago
In the Teams All Welcome room we huddle,
vexed in an everlasting long struggle.
Then the yoda speaking SErankGodde
declared "Destroy them, we oughta,"
soon leading to the downfall of Mumble.
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resigned from shame
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2 months ago
lobsters are tasty lobsters are good
they like to fly but get stuck in the mud
building storages grabbing all e
hording that metal or is this just me?
porcing there's nests to silly degree
those playing tactics are crazy for me!
why do i bother why do i care?
nothig will change cause this is z-k
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2 months ago
trollcom goes in
trollcom goes out
works for a bit
then noobteam does scout

finds dirty trollcomm
sneaking around
widow goes ZAP
trollcomm going DOWN...
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do you hear the trollcom rattle?
do not fear or do recoil
do not worry, i am skuttle
i am best to make them boil
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