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Zero-K 2v2 Weekly Tournament Feb. 20th, 2021

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Well, you all asked for it, so I must deliver.

Welcome to Lobster Roll Weeklies,


A few housekeeping notes:

* This week is 2v2! Find a partner and get ready to brawl for this week's bracket.

* Map pool has been updated. Please look over it ahead of time.

* Make sure to be in discord/zktourney 5 mins before tourney start so I can actually make sure the bracket is right.

* Signup for this tournament is disabled. Please post your teams below if you would like to be signed up. You can also use the space below to find partners, etc. Please keep posts on topic.

Bracket link is here.

Tournament starts at 19:00 UST.

Rules and such are on the Challonge tournament homepage (SUBJECT TO BE EDITED AT ANY POINT).


USrankAdminBakuhatsu / USrankLegomenon
SErankGodde / USrankQrow
USrankAdminSteel_Blue / USrankinsert
KRrankteddmcfred / CArankmad_kraft
ESrankPenwin / BErankSaber
GBrankchumtoadafuq / GBrankcaytea
SErankDamSon / SErankOverdrive
DErankbloa / USrankrtwfroody
LUrankAdminAnir / NZrankesainane

STREAM LINK https://www.twitch.tv/dominiccasts

Joining the Lobster Roll Weekly Discord is not mandatory, but encouraged to keep up with updates and pings more easily. You can join the discord here.

Other Important Links:

Link to the ranking site.

Link to last weeks ZK tourney post.
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16 days ago
USrankAdminBakuhatsu + USrankLegomenon please
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16 days ago
USrankAdminSteel_Blue + USrankinsert
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KRrankteddmcfred + CArankmad_kraft
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14 days ago
ESrankPenwin + BErankSaber
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GBrankchumtoadafuq & GBrankcaytea

calling other mumbles to join in
CArankSippio ROrankSigero LUrankAdminAnir DErankkatastrophe ATrankRomux DErankAdminmojjj EErankNorthChileanG ILranknimor DErankTopkack CZrankpsaniac NZrankesainane
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14 days ago
SErankDamSon + SErankOverdrive
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13 days ago
I'm announcing that signup's will end 2 hours prior to the tournament start time. This is to allow for teams with someone missing to disqualify or find a replacement without taking a points loss. However, if you do not show up at the start time or one teammate is missing, you'll be given a DQ.

TL:DR Be there a little before the tournament starts!
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12 days ago
DErankbloa + USrankrtwfroody
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12 days ago
LUrankAdminAnir + NZrankesainane
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12 days ago
Signups are over. Remember to tune into the stream! (If there is one.)
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12 days ago
The tournaments seem to run pretty smoothly. I'm impressed by your ability to run this weekly.
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AUrankAdminGoogleFrog Thank you! This past month or so I passed my 100th tournament hosted (in total) and over 400 attended. It seems I'm getting decent at hosting the tournaments for the video games!

Also, for the tournament participants: In coordination with the weekly, these results will be manually added to your point total at the end of the series. I cannot directly add points to the singles rank tracker (because of doubles) so think of the 2v2 results as a bonus to your 1v1 total.

Also, look forward to (another) map pool revision for 1v1 next week and a map rule fix.
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12 days ago
Thanks again for running the tournaments. I think this week was the biggest turnout yet. Will the 2v2 format come back in the future?
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12 days ago
USrankrtwfroody Guess you'll have to stick around and see. (But given today's results, it's likely.)
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