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Zero-K v1.10.4.0 - Backend Backlog

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36 days ago

In this update we work through the backlog of graphics and performance improvements made possible by the engine update three months ago. Outlines and reclaim highlighting should run (and look) better, although exact results will depend on hardware. Compatibility fallbacks exist for players with particularly old hardware. Many other bits of code have also been tweaked for performance.

Other fixes and features have been worked on in the meantime, the most notable being formation ranks. It can be enabled through the ingame menu, and it is a bit rough around the edges, so send feedback.

In terms of balance, the 1v1 oriented changes are minimal as the pick- and win-rate stats are looking quite good. Shields have a nerf and Hover have a buff, and both sets of changes are partial reverts of buffs and nerfs from 2021. For dense teamgames, Impaler projectiles are slightly slower to cut down on their effectiveness against mobile units.


Bandit has half a revert to its recent damage buff.
  • Damage per second 8.35 (pre-August 2021) -> 8.6 (recent) -> 8.48 (new)

Rogue is slower and also has half a revert to some recent buffs.
  • Speed 58.5 -> 57
  • Projectile velocity 185 (pre-August 2021) -> 192 (recent) -> 190 (new)
  • Damage 340 (pre-August 2021) -> 350 (recent) -> 345 (new)

Bolas has its recent health nerf reduced.
  • Health 720 (pre-October 2021) -> 680 (recent) -> 700 (new)

Scalpel has both its recent nerfs reduced.
  • Health 680 (pre-October 2021) -> 650 (recent) -> 660 (new)
  • Damage 660 (pre-October 2021) -> 620 (recent) -> 640 (new)

Impaler has a slower projectile.
  • Projectile acceleration reduced by 11%.


  • Added optional front-back ordering for line formations. Set it with Formation Rank ingame under Settings/Unit Behaviour/Default States, or set it per-unit with a state toggle that can be enabled ingame under Settings/Interface/Commands.
  • Added a modoption to disable resurrection.
  • Tweaked the tutorial mission to be a bit more informative, and removed the Lance.
  • Added selection filtering for global build command.
  • Added an option to show rating in the Tab Playerlist.
  • Added hardware cursor to main menu Settings/Game.


  • Replaced unit outlines with an opengl4 shader (a non-opengl4 fallback exists).
  • Replaced reclaim highlight with an opengl4 shader (a non-opengl4 fallback exists).
  • Improved Rogue walk animation.
  • Added a unique death clone for Imp.


  • Updated Stinger model, with a small compatibility change required for how it aims.
  • Removed 3do model support and converted existing 3dos to s3o.
  • Unhardcode mex from pregame queue widget. A customParam for this exists.
  • Fixed a potential crash caused by adding morph to a variety of units (mostly cloakbots).
  • Add Spring.Utilities.CMD table for custom command lookup.
  • Added a warning for buildings with brake, acceleration, and turn rate tags set.
  • Remove QueryNanoPiece from LUS.


  • Lance avoids hovering downwards while firing, to avoid 'accidents'.
  • Removed flat rectangles that could sometimes form under killed structures.
  • Commanders with skins no longer leave a ghost behind when they leave line of sight.
  • Removed 'Dev' from the name of the in-use AIs.
  • Fixed weird looking impact explosions for Ogre, Behemoth, and Shogun.
  • Settings that exist in the main menu and ingame are now under advanced settings ingame.
  • Fixed an error in the ward fire toggle related to shooting at metal spots.
  • Fixed Gauss turret spamming functions.
  • Automatic guard remover no longer applies to factories.
  • Fixed some minor Legacy AI configuration issues.
  • Fixed feature ghosting not obeying distance fade.
  • Fixed Imp underwater explosion effect.
  • Optimise some code in Gauss turret, units catching on fire, selection shapes, attack AoE, economy overlay, decloak range, reclaim field summary, pause screen, newton firezone, radar dot height, and geothermal highlighter.
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36 days ago
Hello. Thanks for the update.

I have a new problem that others also have. There is a large black square in the centre of my screen and the minimap does not work.

Disabling the minimap makes the black square goes away.
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35 days ago
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35 days ago
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35 days ago
Where these units positioned with only 2 line formation commands?
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35 days ago
I have a new problem that others also have. There is a large black square in the centre of my screen and the minimap does not work.

Which version? Porkchop reverted a minimap optimisation attempt for v1.10.4.1.

Where these units positioned with only 2 line formation commands?

Yes, it was a bit finicky though as the back dots kept jumping around.
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It's cool!🤹
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34 days ago
I have been noticing that some units are not showing in the mini map. Now I know it's not just me. Look at the units being order the line formation in the mini map of the screen shot provided by gounson8989. They are not there.
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It's strange to have units not showing on the minimap as a new bug for this version. There were some minimap optimizations that would have been added, but due to an edge case discovered after release, those were all reverted by to their pre- state.

There hadn't been any prior updates to the minimap widget in the past year or so, either, so that's even stranger to just be appearing now. Were you also noticing it before the release of
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34 days ago
I see the selected units in the screenshot above.
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34 days ago
I have a new problem that others also have. There is a large black square in the centre of my screen and the minimap does not work.

For what it's worth GBrankpejj1 has apparently had this issue for months. The viewport (but not the frame) for the minimap seems to think the screen is half the size it actually is and also that the clickable area is in the top right corner...
Fixed it yesterday by just using this version of the minimap: https://github.com/ZeroK-RTS/Zero-K/blob/0aea87672106739da51c56a329660c31efc74bc5/LuaUI/Widgets/gui_chili_minimap.lua
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34 days ago
If players are still seeing similar "black square" issues related to the minimap, it would be very helpful to make a note of what "Game Interface Scale" is set to in the lobby, provide an in-game screenshot, and submit an issue either via GitHub or the Help and Bugs forum. Preferably along with an infolog attached.
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