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Zero-K v1.10.6.0 - Rogue and Lance

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This update has nerfs to address the abundance of Lance in teamgames and Rogue in 1v1. It also has small nerfs for Bandit and Dirtbag, buffs for some underused units, and less effective area cloaking in combat. The release is a little early to avoid being too close to the upcoming 3v3 tournament (18:00 UTC, Saturday 9th July, sign up here), so some features didn't make it. We hope to have a fixes and features patch some time in July or August, which would ideally include an engine update, Adv. Options for mods, and some dodge AI.


Units without personal cloak now decloak for longer after acting (firing, building, etc).
  • Non-personal recloak delay 6s -> 8s.
  • Non-personal recloak delay for proximity is still 3s.
  • For comparison, personal recloak delay is 3s for actions and 1.5s for proximity. Units with personal cloak use the personal delays even when under an area cloaker.

Dirtbag is slightly less tanky.
  • Health 600 -> 580

Bandit has a range nerf that may be overdue since the pre-aim update.
  • Range 235 -> 232

Rogue is easier to catch and slightly more expensive.
  • Cost 120 -> 125
  • Health 540 -> 520
  • Speed 57 -> 54
  • Turn rate reduced by 5%

Scalpel is more manoeuvrable.
  • Turn rate increased by 5%

Claymore deals more damage at the edge of its area of effect.
  • Reload time 3.2 -> 3.1
  • Edge effectiveness increased to match Ripper
  • Disabled avoid bad targets by default

Mace sight now matches the +25% weapon range rule of other riots.
  • Sight range 407 -> 431

Lance is easier to catch when out of position, and is worse at hitting aircraft.
  • Speed 52.5 -> 49.5 elmos/s
  • Turn rate reduced by 10%
  • Range 1000 -> 980
  • Vertical aim speed reduced by 66%

Jack is worse at picking off raiders.
  • Range 125 -> 122

Gremlin has better damage for its cost and slightly more range.
  • Cost 150 -> 140
  • Range 700 -> 720
  • DPS increased by 3%

Locust deals more damage but is worse at healing.
  • Autoheal 10 -> 6 hp/s (still activates after 5 seconds)
  • DPS increased by 4%.

Harpy can more reliably snipe riots.
  • Range 350 -> 360

Phoenix is tougher.
  • Health 900 -> 1060

Fixes and Features

  • Added Curacao flag.
  • Unit marker can now be enabled for Widow.
  • Scorpion and Ultimatum are now marked by unit marker each time they appear.
  • GG.addUnitSlow now handles overslow.
  • Made circular map API more reliable.
  • Fixed a GL4 shutdown error on old hardware.

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Dirtbag is slightly less tanky.[...]

let's see if that changes anything about the popularity of .
Lance is easier to catch when out of position, and is worse at hitting aircraft.[...]

Thanks, now DErankPyrostasis has no/less chance to kill my :P

good job, AUrankAdminGoogleFrog!

If you have spare time please also nerf this :)
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By takeing away the auto heal from Locost. Whats there still left to speak for it? Could directly make Harpys - no reason to make locust left if that trend continues... why should bulid Locust?

Better to use for newbies who suicide their forces and dont know how to use retreat i guess.. more time between attacks to bulid AA... +4% dmg for -40% autoheal.. id say this is a downgrade towards unplayableness.

Id be glad if you could enlighten me which thought patterns/ideas/reasons went into this that lead to those changes AUrankAdminGoogleFrog.
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17 months ago
Locust is a raider. It is more than twice as fast as Harpy and has more DPS. I wanted to buff Locust because it seems extremely niche. Then it turned out that Locust is sometimes used as a rush in 1v1. Autoheal is most powerful in the first few minutes of the game and then falls off rapidly as repair becomes more available and densities increase. So if Locust is to move out of the realm of niche rushes, it probably has to lose some autoheal. Also I liked the look of increased Locust damage in Future Wars.
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17 months ago
Thanks Frog, this is awesome.
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