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support player who Asuskid need help at times

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help low player started build units not stand there make big diffidents help player long run game played

also, not any AFk ever now lost point 33 now down to 29

hated when clan or player started attack me make lost commander in the game played just because lower level 40 or lower didn't matter what your idea problem

not the problem need look into my ranked find out who report me make lost point on what need to know what need work on

keep things serious

tell player same name as a kid is wrong many ways it does not right need be put of the game thank you hope to understand

<<< music keep it mind


https://zero-k.info/Battles/Detail/1501412 on this one can't hold lind give up the game played rising still have cup points don't have finish whole thing in the game it not easily do do easily bit but not hard yet less trying it is better

guess point game don't need worried about ranking less keep trying

only in clan lron blood < >IMGB Iron magician Girl blood <<<< top 1 some day
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i suggest you stop hallucinating. you keep thinking people prioritise you, i mean, yea, its possible. but you know? this is a war game, your enemies SHOULD target you. and i dont know what youre talking about reporting... reporting it self doesnt do anything other then letting the mods know you dislike something, and rn i dont belive mods did any mod actions about you.
and, atleast for me, i dont care youre level 1 or 100, as long as you dont both play trash and talk trask/stupid stuff im fine most of the time.
for short..., stop whatever you think about "points" "ranks" "reports" "level" "people disliking you". i say these because i currently still belive youre a reasonable person, instead of an idiot or troll.

btw, why do you keep sending unrelated yt vid links
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maybe off wrong feet your right about one thing

just keep low player in mind sometime need listen to music help me get better those games at all
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4 days ago

USrankdohieu19, this game you played, the way you played it, makes the game very hard. You did the thing again where your economy was small but you wanted to build a whole lot. too many hoses, not enough water.

I played vs hard and played jumpbot factory 3 times on the same map. Look at these games.

Exhibit A: Standard Play Bots B1501433 1 on Barren 2

This is the ideal play. Build metal extractors, build energy, build units to attack, recycle repeat always.

Exhibit B: I'm trolling Bots B1501439 1 on Barren 2

Here all I do is morph commander and build light defences. I walk at the enemy with my morphed commander until the game is over. I also reclaim.

Exhibit C: I copy you, but I do it better Bots B1501445 1 on Barren 2

Here I build only 4 mexes, and I rush a scorpion. This takes a long time. Even when I'm building scorpion, I also use my units to hunt and kill enemies that I can kill. I also try and reclaim what I've hunted. Then I support my scorpion, micro my units, and claw my way back to victory. This game takes the longest, because it's a bad stratagy to only play with 4 metal extractors, the game gets easier when I build more metal extractors and reclaim. Building more metal extractors and reclaiming is like having more water, so I can use more hoses. If you have too many hoses and there's no water comming out of them, getting more water to shoot out your build hoses makes your build hoses shoot out water.
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ok look at it later if have time play more tomorrow see what need get better in the game

and water got do it?
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4 days ago
The water thing was in reference to this post:


It is a metaphor.

When I say water I mean metal. When I say hose I mean builders(caretaker, commander, factory, constable). When I say you have too many hoses and not enough water, I mean you have too many builders and your builders cannot build because you have no metal. In the post there is a picture. In that picture it shows a caretaker that has a maximum build speed of 10. The caretaker is working at 1.7 speed. This is because you are using too many builders at the same time when you do not have the metal to build with. more builders do not increase the build speed. One less builder does not decrease the build speed. One more builder makes each builder work less. One less builder makes each builder work harder, which each builder can do.
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Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like wa'a. If you put wa'a into a cuppa, it becomes the cuppa. You put wa'a into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a potta, it becomes the potta. Now, wa'a can flow or it can crash. Be wa'a, mate.
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4 days ago
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4 days ago
Asus is a bot
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4 days ago
I will join you with all those youtube links NLrankMSPR
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