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Possible more rushless AI option

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13 months ago
I'm mainly play with AI and I find AI in Zero-K is very fun to play with. I also play a lot of AI team because of this.

For me, AI in Zero-K is pretty much like me, too much play safe. Their retreat zone make them far less dangerous. Countless time I can spot a cluster of enemy that can wipe my small def of 1 stinger + 1 cerby but after a few shot they just retreat. Unless they have very excessive number of unit to complete crush the def line, they keep stalling and run.

Pretty much the same with large pvp game where each try to poke with lance/merlin/impaler but with cyclop/paladin in the mix. This result in which AI team have more lance/impaler/linko early usually snowball the other with no chance to turn table.

They also invest too much building turret everywhere. Specially where I put Strider hub (but not their... huh!?)

Is it possible to have an option to turn them more rushless with current AI by...
- No retreat / unless have only 20% HP (for now 50% or even 75% is enough to turn tail unless they can complete overwhelm the enemy)
- Build less turret / specially in back line.
- Don't sit ideal when find no opening in def line. They just... kind of resign until able to find opening area. Far less production and usually stop moving. (2-3 cerby can deadlock most small map) I have to use 1-2 AI Legacy to bypass this. Still, only constructor is active :v

TBH, I'm not sure how it goes, but at least I have to worry that 1 cyclop and 1 orge is a threat to my stinger/cerby solo combo...
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13 months ago
I didnt dive into AI stuff, but there are certainly a lot of stuff to improve, especially using tac nukes to get rid of big defense, and also what you said...
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