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Halberd should have a melee weapon like Jack

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9 months ago
Consider - copy the stab weapon from the Jack, put it on the Halberd, scale its power down to the Halberd's current DPS

it would be so cool

the Halberd is already a super short range attack so this wouldn't change much gameplay wise

plus, yknow, the name Halberd, is a polearm, the Halberd could have an actual halberd
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9 months ago
Sounds very overpowered? Fast hover jacks sound like a nightmare to catch
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9 months ago
It would go through shields and kill raiders. Sounds scary.
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9 months ago
Halberd's ranged attack is the only thing keeping it balanced at the moment. Given its role, the fact that it opens up to fire before it is point blank with target is its biggest disadvantage, as it requires lots of attention to use correctly. If it had no range, it would make it way stronger. Arguably, it would also make it way less spammable as with melee range it would be naturally dps-limited.
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