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Military-Crustacean complex

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So, what if factories would be pluggable to the grid, and would have better build power with grid power? But also would use significantly more E than usual when building plugged in. Some O switch.

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Sounds like a subscription trap like what big tech is trying to do...

Netflix, Printers (exept Brother), Car Manufacturers and now zk factorys? I have a bad feeling about this.

One time cost caretaker vs long time eco drain.

PLrankrookstoo either you provide some Numbers based on which we can calulate/try that through or my opinion stays against it.

I prefer to keep thinking of the future. I might gain something now but what in 20 min?
The less dependencies the better: A Singu of 1 Player goes boom and now what?
Whos E will it take? Single Player or the grids/teams?

With these questions i am throwing this discussion right back at you PLrankrookstoo c(: ;)
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So idk DErankSnowlob . i kinda was thinking on some linear ish boost of production, - one singu = 1x boost of production. with logarithmic falloff as you add singus.

caretakers are cool, but brittle one flame bomber and poof.

also very tiny penalty like 0.2 e drain at 1 singu on top of usual drain when building units , with penalty going up with next singu to 0.2+0.3 and such...

you get rapid construction at price, usual business like - you throw more hardware at problem, it gains speed at efficiency of operation.

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3 months ago
ehh, it messes with the 10 buildpower per caretaker and factory schema, which is just very convenient and user friendly, and probably shouldnt be touched.
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3 months ago
Is there a problem we're trying to solve or are we discussing changing things for the sake of changing things?
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it would be very hard to not be plugged in to the grid so in effect it would be a net loss of metal income for the team resulting in less metal and slower construction speeds... so this change would slow down construction and may defeat its own purpose

"use significantly more E than usual"

it inadvertently introduces a new counter intuitive mechanic of grid avoidance to min-max production

" throw more hardware at problem, it gains speed at efficiency of operation."

hardware would be caretakers.. what your suggesting is plugging your computer into 10 power sockets and expecting it to run faster.. but since mex work this way it is lore friendly so perhaps it makes sense idk..
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AUrankSmokeDragon i know, that is why an O switch option like in desolator hunker mode. to keep it from not using that feature by default

its for situations where base have been raided.

also its like throwing hardware at problem at scale of corporation. you throw stuff at i.e physical security where you wanna high 9's of security, so you plug in various stuff, and with new level of 9s it gets complicated and infrastructure upkeep costs rise costs rise.

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"you wanna high 9's of security, so you plug in various stuff, and with new level of 9s"

ahh i see i forgot about the 9's
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3 months ago
Energy draining is already pretty complicated, adding more is probably bad.
Scaling BP with grid sounds like it could work though. Without any added costs that is.

Not sure what kind of problem it solves, but you could then increase cost of all builders and energy buildings.
End result might be that raiding is more rewarding? Idk..
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but killing build-power is super satisfying its a really critical structure but yet so weak and expensive
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3 months ago
Plates are the cheapest BP per metal in the entire game (15 metal for 1 bp). The only problem is that they cannot assist, so for that reason I would put them to the side for now.

The second cheapest source of build power is caretakers (18 metal for 1 bp).

After that it's conch (20 metal for 1 bp).

All these are a one time cost to increase BP.

Reading this post, I am not convinced some understand how engery is spent. Anything that reclaims/builds spends 1 E for 1 M. You can see this if you select a con doing something and their stats at the bottom left under the unit icon will show +/- next to the E and M symbols. When you relcaim you spend E, which if you are excessing is taken from the overdrive to convert the wrecks/debris into metal. In short, you reduce your overdrive to spend energy so you can get metal faster. Still, unless you are excessing metal you should always reclaim because overdrive ratio spends more E per M, so reclaim is better income than overdrive.

The point is increasting your build power already costs you some overdrive. Spending more E in a ratio less than 1 to 1 to further increase build power would enter a cascading effect that reduces overdrive and then reduces metal income. Why would I ever enable grid on my factory if a caretaker accomplishes the same goal, but doesn't lower my metal income? No sane person would do this. It wouldn't take very long, no matter the ratio, for the loss of metal income to surpass the fixed cost of the caretaker.

You're suggesting two choices: caretaker wich cost one E to spend one M, or factory grid which costs 2 E (or whatever number greater than 1) to spend one M.

You'd be shooting yourself in the foot.
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3 months ago
its not exactly shooting in foot, say you have 2 storages, it gives you chance to do rapid build adhoc when needed.

also at scenario i mentioned where bp is increased with grid e, a strider hub has increased bp/healing capability at cost of e. and if your team has 4 singus you dont have to make 4 caretakers to have that bp.
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3 months ago
Reading this post, I am not convinced some understand how engery is spent. Anything that reclaims/builds spends 1 E for 1 M.

reclaiming doesn't cost energy, btw
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3 months ago
The whole amping up BP with grid e, is for situation where one side gets raided and you need instant springback with reclaim metal. Would improve dynamics i think.
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