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The Rover update

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3 months ago
There have been name changes suggested for the rovers. Such as:
Dart = Marker
Mason = Convoy
Badger = Brigadier
Dominatrix = Antagonizer
Reason being is that all of these end with er.
As Cliv-er, I believe it is destiny for me to suggest one more change:
Make ravagers wreck destroy automatically upon destruction. This can make it a way stronger harasser, as it gives negligible eco advantage for being destroyed, giving interesting tradeoff. This change does not apply to rippers, scorchers, impalers, badgers, dominatrixes, etc.

If this change is made, and I am still on the internet, I will play Zero-K as a dumb hammer.
Feel free to offer the name of the update.

Link to original discussion: https://zero-k.info/Forum/Post/263995#263995
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just in-case i added a link, linking to the link in the the above post linking to the original discussion

link to this post:


link to the above post:

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3 months ago
Tell him instead of makeing indirect fun of him! All he wants is an answer and beeing recognised.
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3 months ago
yes, I do want to be recognized. Even though my name shall not belong to me, it's just too funny to have a guy who loves rovers a bit too much.

And also, I don't care if this post is ignored. That just means I don't have to come back.
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3 months ago
i did make a joke of my own but it was an attempt more at my own stupid humor of extra nesting link inception.. my goal wasnt really trying to in some way hurt him.. i should have thought it through better i guess and i know thats my fault.. i was just bored and tried to have some fun i guess.. if i had taken a moment to notice this post was sacred ground and made efforts to show proper respect maybe this mini cataclysm could have been avoided..

but if you ask me these posts are intense emotional trigger traps and its like a minefield of moments that matter so much more then i expected..

so let me just make clear here.. im not trying to make fun of cliver5's link... i made a joke at the expense of 'links' in general never-the-less im sorry

im sorry because i realize that cliver5's post contained a link and it was disrespectful
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3 months ago
smoke dragon, don't worry, I make such jokes all the time. I thought that it's funny.
Still, thank you for clarifying up. Don't blame yourself, blame the sarcastic people who messed up the reputation of strangers. I forgive you on everyone's behalf.
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3 months ago
  • Badger ends in '-er'.
  • Dominatrix ends in a Latin form of '-er' if you squint.

Extra counterpoint:
  • The most thematic name for Mason is 'Constructor'. It starts 'Con-', ends '-er', and is a direct actiony-type Rover-style word. But we figured it would be far too confusing so left it as Mason.

Ultimate counterpoint:
  • There was a big push to finish the renames about a decade ago, after which we we vowed not to rename anything without a really good reason.
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3 months ago
Counterpointier: there's no reason for ravager to behave as Cliver suggests.

Counterpointiest: There's no reason for this thread to be presented as if it's about rover renames when it's actually about a proposed Ravager mechanical change.
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There was a big push to finish the renames about a decade ago

i am still confused. and confusing others when talking.
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3 months ago
Cool, I don't have to come back then
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3 months ago
Ravager does ravaging, scorcher does scorching, ripper does ripping.

Dominatrix does dominating. It uses a female form of -er because it deals social damage instead of physical.

Mason does masonry. Doesn't have an -er (or -rix) suffix because it doesn't deal damage at all but it still follows the "somebody who does a thing" theme because it applies buildpower directly and is a good bundle of stats, which are rover virtues.


Badger is -er because it deals physical damage, but isn't a "somebody who does a thing" name because it has a crappy body and applies damage slowly and indirectly via minions, which is a pansy-ass way of fighting not befitting a rover.
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3 months ago
Sprung sorry im off-topic but do you know a good place i can learn lua?
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3 months ago
Counterpointier: there's no reason for ravager to behave as Cliver suggests.

There is the reason that "Ravager still feels a little underwhelming and this would be a buff in a unique direction".

Does it actually lead to good gameplay? I'm not sure. The risk of giving away reclaim when you get over-aggressive is a pretty fundamental part of ZK that I would be worried about subverting.
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The Rover Update 2.0

- Masons have armor when not building
- Darts now have a burst weapon ON TOP of rapid-fire gun! (DPS unchanged, burst gun deals no physical damage, only slow damage)
- Scorchers are faster when hidden in the fog of war. (Mobility improvement only)
- Fencers gain an armor boost when deployed, to discourage "dodging" even more (damage removed = damage dodged)

- Rippers have randomized health.
"The design is scratched together for speed, which makes it an impressive piece of engineering for even sticking together."
"It's like they don't even Care where to put the carcass!"
- Engineers of the hover tech

- Ravager's carcass cannot be reclaimed for metal, but can still be destroyed.
"Their armor was designed to be so poorly made that it is virtually impossible to reuse within a warfare scenario."
"You have to respect how durable ravager's armor is. For something that cannot be reused, the uncultured knew what they were doing." - Unknown commander

- A badger can deploy 5 mines at a time. Each badger adds 5 more mines to the supply. Losing badgers makes previous mines cost zero supply, on top of disintegrating after a while.

- Impaler's missiles cost 5 metal (not sure if this is a thing already but it's good enough)

- Dominatrix gains cloak when idle, after capturing one unit.
Dominatrix gains a health bonus upon 5 captures.

"Rovers were designed by rebel forces to quickly sweep the land after the confederate's missile strikes. The scorcher proved to be both cheap and effective in small quantities, with its carcass being reused in future designs. Many designs skip the molting process in favor of slapping metal bars on wheels to skip production time. Many marvel not only at the factory's effectiveness, but also at its functionality."
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58 days ago
I'm confused, is this fanfic patch notes?
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slarlight now correctly leaves behind molten lava

on a side not maybe oneday i could make what you want as a mode cliver5

but after i finish my new modes.. i am almost finished implementing:

inverted range, cost and damage mode (some issues remaining)

every explosion implosion mode (done)

very slow every things a cannon mode (some issues remaining)

then i can maybe try make your mode cliver?

the main problem is that some of the changes you want require custom code and this will take ages and introduce hundreds of bugs.. simply because your asking for new systems that dont exist in the game yet.. if you want armor on a unit thats easy for me as i can just use existing code.. but if you want 'supply' i have to code it and then it has to not fail or else the supply will snowball or even worse go negative and im not very good at this yet.. perhaps i can some how use stockpile.
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57 days ago
Not ages. Probably a few weeks to a month.
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57 days ago
Yeah, these are fanfic ideas. I'm just adding more ideas until they're good enough for publishing.
P.S. added a note for masons, forgot about it
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