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Cold Take #8 - Smoothly Flowing Economy

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39 days ago
Zero-K has flow expenditure, like TA and C&C, and much has been done to make it forgiving and easy to use, since Zero-K is about strategy, not about micromanaging your base.

Read it here: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/334920/view/4102287868180887053
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38 days ago
Very nice! I particularly like the diagram of economy demand, it's a great explanation and I think should probably be on a loading screen.
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38 days ago
I had no idea about the alt-click reserve thing, I'll have to start using it.
Also, you said certain buildings like mexes could be set to always be built with high priority. How do I do that?
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38 days ago
To make a building high priority, open the information window. That's generay by holding space and left clicking the portrait or the unit on the field. Then there's a "customise settings" button somewhere in the top right area, which is a shortcut to the unit's default states menu. The priority slider has 3 or 4 ticks, hovering should tell you what they are, and you need to switch the nanoframe priority from normal to high, which should then save across future games.
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25 days ago
This is not entirely realistic though, since the only game I know of with this system Warlords Battlecry, and as a fantasy game it lacks tanks.

Supreme Commander 2 does in fact do what you're talking about here. (Never played the game, but have watched some videos.) And I remember reading a while ago about how the change from a flow economy to upfront payments meant that the Experimentals had to be nerfed.
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