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6 years ago
zero k on my pc does not work anymore ... and do not understand why ... Many times I have deleted and downloaded but always says zero-k has stopped working .. someone can give me some advice?
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6 years ago
nobody can fix your problem when all you say is "help it stopped working"

need more information
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6 years ago
you're right ... but with more information I probably would alone ... but unfortunately it just tells me that zero-k has stopped working ... is a week I look for in all ways but nothing ... I use windows7
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6 years ago
did you change anything at your PC at the point it stopped? any hardware or software...?
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Are you using ZKL? In that case..

@MauranKilom wrote:
1. Open Zero-K lobby.
2. Click the blue button that says "Settings" in the top row.
3. Click on the button "Open game data folder".
4. An explorer window opens in which you can see files.
5. Find the file "infolog.txt" in that explorer window.
6. Double click on that file to open it.

At this point, you see a log of events that can be used to find out why ZK crashes. Now you have to transfer that information to us, since you probably won't be able to figure out what went wrong. Since this file is really long, you should not simply post it here but upload it somewhere else so it doesn't spam the thread.
pastebin.com is a website where you can upload texts. It has nothing to do with Zero-K, but it's convenient to use, which is why we recommend it here. This is what you have to do:

7. You still have infolog.txt opened? Good.
8. Hit Ctrl+A.
9. Hit Ctrl+C.
10. Open http://pastebin.com/ in your favorite browser.
11. Click in the field below "New paste".
12. Hit Ctrl+V.
13. Click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.
14. Copy the link that appears in the url bar of your browser (click in the bar, hit Ctrl+A, hit Ctrl+C).
15. Post it here (Ctrl+V).
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6 years ago
i don't change hardware and software
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Can you find where Zero K lobby is stored? if you found it, then there's text file called "ZeroKLobbyErrors.txt". This store error for ZKL if ZKL crash/stopped working.

If its error with Spring.exe then you must follow instruction by {redacted} , if its error with ZKLobby, then you must find the "ZeroKLobbyErrors.txt".

The file contain detailed information on what cause ZKLobby crash/stop working.
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6 years ago
25/09/2013 20:55
System.ArgumentNullException: La matrice non può essere null.
Nome parametro: bytes
in System.Text.Encoding.GetString(Byte[] bytes)
in ZeroKLobby.EngineConfigurator.ReadResourceString(String uri)
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Oh, we had that before... Lemme search...

Here: http://zero-k.info/Forum/Thread/5628
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