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Bug-K: coms running with 442 hp/s autoregenRUrankFirepluk884 seconds ago
Bug-K: no buttons for voteresignRUrankFirepluk239 minutes ago
Bug-K: lags due to players abusing pre-game queueRUrankFirepluk451 minutes ago
i keep getting a bug I think NZrankasin645105 minutes ago
Bug-K: my terraform looks funkyRUrankFirepluk55 hours ago
Chobby-Bug-K: please fix the damn autocompleteRUrankFirepluk18 hours ago
Bug-K: going to AFK/back from AFK induces massive lag spikes in big gamesRUrankFirepluk29 hours ago
Bug-K: sumo can't jumpRUrankFirepluk19 hours ago
Bug-K: tab player list is completely unresponsive in big gamesRUrankFirepluk59 hours ago
Bug-K: on start my game zooms in on groundRUrankFirepluk19 hours ago
The hunt for UI freezeUSrank_Shaman149 hours ago
Bug-K: games autoquit before startingRUrankFirepluk110 hours ago
Bug-K: can't access battle detailsRUrankFirepluk110 hours ago
Giving mexes an armored modeDErankTopkack2110 hours ago
Scythes are OPFIrankMONGOLOID1238 hours ago
Storage .... newbies fault (excess is shared to teammates)DErankChesti183 days ago
Unlockable StoragesRUrankChvaN133 days ago
people just start hostile to new players.IDrankhellatze216 days ago
HELP! Zero-K (using Chobby) unusable in LinuxGBrankLynx477 days ago
Campaign Feedback - Basic CloakbotsAUrankAdminAquanim818 days ago
5/12/18 Cant chat. Cant join matchmaking.USrankInstitutionalized78 days ago
Air Superiority fighter needs a serious buffNZrankWetapunga178 days ago
JugglenautAUrankAdminSaktoth1410 days ago
What sold you on ZK?RUrankAdminikinz5211 days ago
Bug: Minotaur reloading stuck foreverRUrankFirepluk211 days ago
Unjustified BANFRrankLordOfTrolls1612 days ago
Hat off for DevlobstersFRrankLordOfTrolls613 days ago
Is lobby down or there were some changes to protocol? LTrank[pikts]wolas1113 days ago
Ingame Fails/Funny PicsDErankLogikfreak113516 days ago
Shut up and take my money (more hats please)USrankkaen1518 days ago
Page of 28 (813 records)