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ZeroWars v1.7

By petturtle

made for zero-k
Size: 16 x 6


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13 days ago
pls fix to make a STABLE.

rare crashes
Anti Air units time out near instantly, so air is not used
whatever else, more stable > more features
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amazing mod, amazing idea and implementation. ive discovered it by accident a few days ago and played different versions of this map 10 hours straight until room died. that was super fun!

a bit more of a feedback:
- more stable > more features. i completely agree
- after quite a few of iterations it was crystal clear that the map is inbalanced in honor of gulls too much. basically if you go mono gull spam with correct eco you win. it's not possible to counter them even with a mono redback spam. we couldn't test AA units as a possible counter force because as mentioned above most powerful AA units (toad, trident, etc) disapper a few seconds after spawn.
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13 days ago
also can you play this in singleplayer?
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13 days ago
If you crash can you send the info log to https://github.com/UndoBlaze/Zero-Wars/issues or msg me on discord.
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