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Skulduggery 1.6 Featured

By Sprang & _Shaman

3v3+ sea map by _Shaman. Texture map by Sprang.
Size: 16 x 10


Downloads: 5005
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Version 1.6:

- Fixed spelling of name (Thanks FIranksprang)

- Now periodically rains (this rain is synced!)
- New skybox.
- Water tweaks.
- Lighting fixes to make it look slightly more cloudy.

Metal map:
- Dynamic metal:
Fixed dynamic metal.
0.4 metal income per team player. (a 6v6 will produce 2.4/sec mexes)
Minimexes (66% normal) and supermexes (125% normal) added.
Minimum values: 1.5 / 2.0 / 3.0
- Middle now only has 2 mexes per side (was 4 + 1 expansion)
- North mexes were tweaked.
- Replaced the three geos with supermexes
- "Safe" starts (NE/SW) now have 2 mexes instead of 4.

- 3 geos were removed.
- Feature optimization (removed a bunch of repeat def fields)
- Rocks: 25m -> 50m
- Statues: 100m -> 150m

- Now dynamic based on player count.

Made seafloor slightly higher.

Some screenshots:

I'll be making metal map adjustments based on feedback and observed games. Some additional configing may take place in the near future.

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Seems circuit can't get the hint this is a reclaim heavy map. Also seems that the AI gets confused when plopping mid.
Also seems that the AI loves air factories on this map (why)
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3 years ago
I actually really enjoy 1v1s on this map, nice work
+0 / -0

3 years ago
Featuring on a provisional basis. Mixed land/sea maps like this make me nervous.
+0 / -0

3 years ago
Little nervous too.. but it seems some people find it fun in big teams.
+0 / -0
3 years ago
The startboxes are wrong. The middle startboxes are swapped around, making it a more boring east vs. west map.
+0 / -0

3 years ago
I can swap them around with a new version if you want.
+0 / -0
Could you make the sea a little less shiny? The map is also a little dark.

Here are some sun settings: https://github.com/ZeroK-RTS/Zero-K/commit/a3059df0ee4d42f35bd96d83a2dd6e0e462d3245
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3 years ago
Yes this can be done.
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15 months ago
This map has really bad pathing/understandability of pathing for submarines. There's no clear understanding playing the map at how deep parts of the water are.
+0 / -0

5 months ago
Some 100x too large col vols on some of the plants.
+0 / -0

5 months ago
Grass tuffs have weird colvols, I'll fix and pack a new lighting config.
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