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Castel_godsV21 Supported

By Cronos

Team and FFA Map Castle Gods V21 by Cronos 2007 (Gregor Koch gregor.koch@gmail.com). The 4 castles a good but the centre resources a 5 times of the ones in a castle and be aware there is also metal in the water.
Size: 16 x 16


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5 years ago
why its not featured
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5 years ago
Because it is a terrible porc map.
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5 years ago
then give me reason why sandcastles is feautured
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5 years ago
No good reason. Sandcastles is also a terrible porc map.
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I dont see how anyone really considers porcing fun when everyone does it. Nothing happens for the first 5-10 minutes except everyone builds defenses, no one raids, no one attacks. Its the main problem I have with these types of FFA maps. Even worse is when it boils down to a 50+ shield lag fest when even starlights fail to break porc and you're stuck with nuking -- which also fails because enemy teams have 20 protectors in their base. Sigh.

It might be interesting if only 4 mexes were inside the base with only 1 metal per second income rate and a lot of outside mexes. Force people to fight over the mexes so things become interesting.
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5 years ago
Irish: Having your own base that you defend is the point of these FFA maps. If you want ones where people actually attack early on, there are other maps for that (like Hotstepper or Mearth 4).
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5 years ago
A few years back when I was just getting into Spring, I saw a lot of FFA BA played on Mearth. Fun games.

Why no ZK on Mearth?
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5 years ago
I don't see any problem with maps that include porcy start-areas as long as they give you plenty of incentive to move beyond the walls.

This one has an obscene amount of metal in the middle, so it's got that covered. The guy who hides in his base won't win this.

The metal level is too high, and the layout is too simplistic (4 fortresses and a kill-the-middle) but it could be workable with the right metal-adjustments.
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only issue i have with these types of maps is their REALLY boring to watch because the first 20 minutes or so is basicly build porc and build eco. People are discouraged from attacking because of this porc metagame. Then you have your start area that has enough metal (16 spots ~+22.0 - 32.0 without overdrive) to build porc and eco easily in the comfort of your own little corner. When it comes down to it, most people i've watched on sand castles dont even take the middle or any mexes outside of their 'base' -- not until near the end do they finally decide to expand. What makes this any different?

Thus its still my oppinion that the incentive to move outside your base is too low. If the map had less start metal and maybe a bit less metal over all except toward the middle, the incecntive to expand would be greater thus giving some conflict to an otherwise 20 minutes of watching turrets/eco build.
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3 years ago
all passage exits are quite difficult to path, there's a fix with much reduced height range
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21 months ago
Featured, looks nicer than Sandcastles and plays similarly.
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This looks very promising to me as a free-for-all map, with some nice defensive terrain in each of the castles themselves (including moats, ramparts, turrets, and even zwingers (also called corridors of death) combined with bent entrances (that are ideal for placing short-ranged units or structures around the bends for effective defense, whilst protecting them from artillery fire).

Of course, the map also encourages players to expand outside of their castle walls, since there's plenty of mexes to claim out there, especially in the center of the map. Although the castle walls provide an incredible degree of defense, they alone can't stop a player that's determined to besiege them, especially if they decide to use the otherwise rarely-used Quake missiles to make those castle walls crumble down into rubble (and that's in addition to using superweapons of course). Moreover, for as steep as the castle walls are, that won't stop spiders (including Scorpions and Funnelwebs) from scaling them.

The only ways that I could see this map improved with relatively little effort is these:
- 1. The center could do with far fewer mexes. I'd say cut the centermost mex count down from 16 to just 4, and cut the rimward mexes down from 16 to 8.
- 2. I'm a bit concerned about how narrow the bridges and corridors are, and how they could easily cause traffic jams when multiple striders start hitting the field. Maybe they'd be better off if they were made wide enough to allow a couple of Detriments to reliably pass around eachother as they move in opposite directions?

Overall, I think I'd rate this map 4/5 stars. It shows great promise, and is very nicely detailed, but is held back by some flaws in functionality and balance.
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