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Faultline v1.0 Matchmaking pool

By Aquanim

Choose carefully where you cross the line. Designed for ZK 1v1 or small teams.
Size: 10 x 12


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2 years ago
North and South teams both have four potential start boxes from the east to west side. In a game with up to six players one startbox is chosen. In a game with 7-10 players two adjacent boxes are chosen. In a game with 11+ players three adjacent boxes are chosen. The startboxes may be fixed by setting the Random Map Seed option.

In a future version I might change how the startboxes work and adjust the visuals for the orange-red plateau area. Not sure.

Draws some inspiration from the Starcraft 2 map Hardwire.
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2 years ago
played a lot of games vs bots,i really like this map it playes nicely,should be featured,one thing i would change is the dynamic start boxes,the hill start is obviously the most secure,and would have that as the starting one
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