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Fifteen Platforms v1 Matchmaking pool

By raaar

Fifteen Platforms. 2-6 players.
Size: 12 x 12


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13 months ago
how about this one?

- units, features and projectiles that fall through the fog are removed from the game
- terrain is indestructible
- ZK terraform is disabled

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13 months ago
looks nice
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11 months ago
This should get starting boxes for 15 player FFA.
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8 months ago
Ai is 100% broken here, thinks its a water map(?) and plops hovers. then proceeds to sit at his starting platform spamming llt.

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5 months ago
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Added to matchmaker map pool; I am not 100% positive that there is nothing broken or abusable about this map so if problems arise post about them here.
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52 days ago
i am not sure if i should up- or downvote your last post AUrankAdminAquanim :/
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42 days ago
PTrankraaar replace this with the version with terraform. I don't think it should be in matchmaker until that is done.
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42 days ago
do the terraform-related features you added solve the issue of tremor melting map features like warm butter regardless of the terrain type's hardness?

these others could also be interesting:
- allow terraforming up, but not down on some areas
- terraform having different hardness than the base terrain ("normal" hardness terraform but hard base terrain)

I understand that terraform is a core ZK mechanic and it makes sense to have all maps conform to it, but this and other "artificial" maps with hard features and choke points may play better with map deformation disabled (which probably means no terraform).

I do plan to make a better looking version of the map eventually, maybe I'll use the terraform-related features then.
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42 days ago
i really don´t think a map with holes should be in the matchmaker.
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