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Insular Encounter 0.81

By Alcur

Credit to FabooGuy on DeviantArt and jk3064 on GitHub. See credits.txt inside the map archive for more details. The map license is BSD 3-clause, but the map diffuse texture is CC-BY-SA. Some map features: high winds, dynamic metal, and a geovent for each team.
Size: 14 x 14


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30 hours ago
(edited 30 hours ago)

-Endless map mirroring is not working correctly here. The repeating geometry is shaded green.

-The map is very center centric while also fairly open. Think about adding a few water mex to increase interest.

-Not sure about dynamic metal since it changes game play as related to Zero-K’s expected result.

-Overall not a bad map.

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24 hours ago
(edited 24 hours ago)

Tested it: http://zero-k.info/Battles/Detail/465726

Seems to be a decent map. Very centered on the middle. Was there supposed to be some sort of metal gimmick? I did not notice any gimmick except for this bug.

If there is a gimmick then it has very poor UI.

Also was this intended?

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15 hours ago
(edited 15 hours ago)

> Finally a map that doesn't have metal spread across it evenly.

> Quick, let's ruin it!

Think about adding a few water mex to increase interest.

ZK needs more maps with mexes focused on fewer areas. Otherwise it'll always remain a grind and porc push fest instead of constantly shifting mobile fronts.

Less of this

More of this
or this
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15 hours ago
I like the lack of water mexes because I prefer sea as a strictly supporting domain.
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13 hours ago
(edited 13 hours ago)

Could the minimap be replaced with the ingame one? (minus all the overlays)

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12 hours ago
ATrankSkasi I agree with your sentiment about clustering but disagree that it is satisfied by this map. The mexes are basically uniformly spread throughout the playable area on this map.
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3 hours ago
I haven't played this map yet. It could be that mexes are much too close to one another. But there's at least some areas that don't have metal spots. (the ways left and right outside the pillars)

Mexes are very center heavy (which is a bad thing in itself), but at least they're not spread across the map as evenly as on so many other maps.

My argument wasn't "this is how to make the best metal map". My argument was merely against Jasper's "add water mexes". I do still agree with Jasper that the map is very center heavy, which is why I didn't quote and criticize that comment.
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