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The Hole v4 Supported

By raaar

Beware of The Hole! 2-12 players.
Size: 14 x 14


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22 months ago
2018/07/02 ------------------ NOTES v4 ----------------------

- improved the textures in general

- changed to 16bit heightmap (smoother)

- fixed an issue which caused projectile trails and other effects happening above the hole to be hard to see

- added ZK start zones (East vs West)

- added "Rock" terrain type map with greatly increased hardness for the large carved rock blocks

- removed the reclaimable rocks

- removed geothermal spots within the inner "ring"

- slightly lowered metal spot output and spread out the spots more evenly so they're harder to defend
(the big metal spots in the corners were replaced by several spots which are smaller and more exposed)


so, how about this one?
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22 months ago
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22 months ago
Pretty interesting map, it doesn't look great, but the hole is awesome. It provides interesting strategic decisions because you can use gravity weapons to kill units without actually killing them, by gravitying them into the hole.
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22 months ago
there's scripting built in to ensure stuff that falls into the hole is removed from the game. This includes features and projectiles as well.

So they're really killed.

Try to jump a pyro into the hole, or shoot a nuke into it.
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Plays well for me. Supported so it can be played on normal hosts.
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21 months ago
I like the idea of a hole. Now, it's only there 's a version of this map with a proper black hole that slowly pulls everithing in.... and with a time based growing force...
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21 months ago
Also it should distort time and space
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