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TitanDuel 2

By SirArtturi, DNTS Update by The_Yak

Clash Of The Titans! Small Skirmish Map - Up to 6 Players - Skybox by Smoth
Size: 10 x 10


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6 years ago

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6 years ago
Did you touch up the terrain at all? It may be worth doing. The lips of the shallow depressions are randomly veh pathable which can cause some stuck unit issues. Slightly steeper lips in some places would make the depressions consistently unpathable and fix the issues.
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6 years ago
All the dips are currently pathable to vehicles with the exception of some nondescript edges. Making all the dips unpathable would be a pretty dramatic change and make a lot of previously pathable area unpathable.

It could be done, but vehicle usefulness would likely suffer.
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6 years ago
I achieved this quite easily by increasing the min/max height.

This look more like what you had in mind? The upper areas are also no longer accessible by vehicles. Before they could be accessed on one slope on each side (but not by the matching slope on the mirrored side)
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