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Zed 2.3 Matchmaking pool

Planet Mekbuda

By The_Yak aka TheMooseIsLoose

1vs1 lavamap
Size: 12 x 12


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18 months ago
(edited 18 months ago)

Lots of improvements this release, lighting is a little brighter, new custom brighter minimap ingame.

Lava is now of the more traditional red variety. Purple lava was funky but not nearly as distinct.

Crystal rings now randomly rotate. Crystaltree shader gl.smoothing has been removed (now made obsolete by user MSAA), fixing nanospray, cloaking, and other issues.

30-60 degree slopes now have their own distinct sparkly detailing when viewed at a good resolution .

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17 months ago
Does this work with the currently used engine version?
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17 months ago
Congratulations on the map, it's one of the few maps we have with proper lava!

One thing I dislike about these maps is the spire formations around the metal spots. They look like something that should interact with the game (obstruct pathing, have collision volume, etc), but they don't. I'd remove them.

Another issue is the crystals:
- On zed 2.2 they seem to be invisible to me!
(on the same detail level i start a game on another map and the features still appear, so it's probably a map issue)

- crystal's collision sizes don't match their actual size, they look like they could be a bit bigger.

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17 months ago
AUrankAdminGoogleFrog tested and working with 103-1048

PTrankraaar Invisible trees was another effect of gl.smoothing removal from spring, that's been fixed in zed 2.3. Crystalrings used to collide and block but this also prevented metal extractors from being built.
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17 months ago
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16 months ago
[f=-000001] Error: Failed to load: gui_dualfog_gadget.lua  ([string "LuaGaia/Gadgets/gui_dualfog_gadget.lua"]:132: attempt to index field 'version' (a nil value))

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16 months ago
(edited 16 months ago)

Any maps with fog version pre Fairyland 1.1 will not function anymore. This map was based on blueprint so it has an older version of dualfog.

How did you manage to enable it without map options?


if (Spring.GetMapOptions().fog == "1") then
enabled = true
enabled = false

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16 months ago
I didn't actually run the map but the error is fairly common among infologs (don't worry, not as the cause of crashes, just mentioned during loading): https://github.com/ZeroK-RTS/CrashReports/search?q=gui_dualfog_gadget.lua

After looking at the gadget it looks like that check doesn't actually prevent the rest of the code from being parsed so it always happens regardless of map options.
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58 days ago
I just want to say that this map is trash.

*Its really hard to see that there are bot pathable areas.
*Only 4 mexes in the middle are "unsafe", rest are super safe or easy to porc up.
*Stale games because 1 attack path and lots of easy metal. Just a skirmisher line down the middle every game.
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23 days ago
unfeature garbage map
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