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Economy Tutorial

By MYrankAdminHistidine
Learn essentials of controlling the Zero-K economy.

Players: 1
Map: Aquatic Divide Revised v02
Game:Zero-K $VERSION
Created:20 months ago
Changed: 9 months ago (revision 15)
Played: 26 times
Rated: 2 times
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20 months ago
The gui highlighter looks awful. It's also not easy to see because it isn't glowing and only the arrow part is even animated.

This mission is also terrible. Repair and reclaim should definitely come after 'build a metal extractor and solar'.
+1 / -0

20 months ago
My camera was not zoomed to the metal extractor at the start of the game. I just saw the big words "Metal Extractor" below the resource bar.

4: If you use area reclaim you spend a while reclaiming the rocks and trees.

5: "finances" is a poor word. I think the GUI highlight would be better as a rounded rectangle. It does look pretty weird.

6: The white tab highlight is hard to see on the white background. Why not stick with teal? When I click "Econ" the old highlight does not disappear. I am still being told to click on "Econ" while there is a circle around the Solar. The circle looks ok here, I wouldn't make it a rectangle. When I select the solar the highlights don't go away, perhaps the ground could be highlighted at this point.

7: Area mex is not highlighted.

10/11: Make it clearer that the factory is being disabled unless the player performs the action. "for it to work" was not clear to me.

Overall, be consistent with the colour of the GUI highlighter and when you want the user to click a button make sure that the highlighter only appears once. Sometimes the highlighter did not appear.

I'd make the highlighter appear on the game world as well. It should be a simple inverse raytrace I think? The cursor part of the highlighter could imitate the action that the mouse is supposed to do when you tell them about area commands while the circle could be where you want them to click initially.

The reclaiming and repairing part might go on for a bit long but I'm not sure what to do about it.

Ignore USrankaeonios, idk what his problem is.

Note for me: Glaive dynlights is blinding on this map.
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