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Title: [A] Teams All Welcome
Host: Nobody
Game version: Zero-K v1.12.5.1
Engine version: 105.1.1-2457-g8095d30
Battle ID: 1903432
Started: 13 days ago
Duration: 9 minutes
Players: 6
Bots: False
Mission: False
Rating: Casual
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Team 1
Chance of victory: 59.6%

Team 2
Chance of victory: 40.4%


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12 days ago
1) A chain of early game micro errors, probably caused by fumbling my factory configuration routine, left an incomplete mex next to my factory. I didn't notice and didn't finish it until after the minute 3 dagger raid destroyed the nanoframe. A routine redundant area mex command over my entire territory could automate fixing errors like this.
2) I failed to place my one overdrive wind generator close enough to link to its mex. This is a recurring problem and I need to calibrate where I place these.
3) I should be paying attention to "under attack" alerts. I was very late to respond to the minute 3 dagger raid.
4) A single factory guard lotus can be game saving! The minute 3 dagger raid could have virtually KO'd me because I hadn't placed a factory guard lotus. Wildemind opted to hunt mexes instead of locking down my factory, however. By the minute 9 raid, I had built a factory guard lotus and it saved my fresh reinforcements from a stray Mace.
5) Remexing and reclaiming the entire raided area should be a near-automatic, near-immediate response to successfully clearing a raid. After the minute 3 raid concluded, I was slow and haphazard at both.
6) Keep radar coverage up, they're cheap! I built one forward radar and lost it. I should have built more, or at least rebuilt the one. The loss left a blind approach along the south map edge that was later exploited.
7) I should've been using a double rally point so that my units exited the factory on attack move. It would've automated my Rippers' response to several raids.
8) Assemble before engaging. During my final army battle, I failed to collect my full army before engaging. As a result, I spent my right flank scorchers ineffectively before my left flank units arrived.

I got criticized at the end for resigning late, but I stand by my decision not to join the resign vote without first taking the time to assess the whole battlefield.
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12 days ago
Bonus lesson: While I don't doubt the value of a sneaky second-minute Gremlin scout, sending it along the shortest path between your factory and an opponent's factory is likely to get it spotted and killed by a less sneaky but more heavily armed scout.
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