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Title: [A] Teams All Welcome
Host: Nobody
Game version: Zero-K v1.7.9.5
Engine version: 104.0.1-1398-g7442945
Started: 7 months ago
Duration: 49 minutes
Players: 25
Bots: False
Mission: False
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7 months ago
Having 3 nukes ready to fire is frustrating when nobody emps anti nukes.
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Given that one nuke costs 3.2k you can actually roll your own emping with that budget
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It was more that Jummy had a silo in range and instead tacnuked a bunch of random stuff before the anti. Eventually I gave up and made my own silo lol.
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7 months ago
turn nuke building qeue on wait, when u have to wait for tactics
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DErankJummy is always uncooperative in team games, never can EMP or scout properly, lobster still doesn't know how to scout lol after all those years of playing air

So I just usually try to do everything on my own when using nux. Relying on team is dumb in clusterfucks
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7 months ago
Well unless I am air, then scouting is good and plentiful. A good scouting run costs like 2-3000 metal which most air players are unwilling to throw away.
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