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Cyber bullying

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4 years ago

Hedgehogs, you have had a bit of a hard time on the forum lately. (it doesnt help that you randomly vote down peoples posts, amongst other things which have already been mentioned).


I would like to give you some positive feedback, and maybe we could all make this thread about doing the same. Funny as it has been, I think I speak for nearly everyone when I say that the last thing we would want is for you to be genuinly offended or upset.

I have also included a link to an online resource that may help you or anyone else that needs it:


So I'll start by saying:

I think you are great because you chose a really good user name, very amusing and it has made me chuckle a few times seeing it.
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Funny as it has been

Speak for yourself perhaps?

Can we just move on with our lives without NZrankhedgehogs making 10 posts a day? Thats basically what I wanted in the first place and all (most at the very least) negativity towards him will stop.

Oh and since this is kind of an NZrankhedgehogs appreciation thread I will say something I said in my clan chat about him:
I really like how he listens to advice and asks for feedback on his gameplay even though he usually does his own thing later on regardless.

Edit: Also according to defintions presented on the site itself NZrankhedgehogs wasn't cyberbullied in ZK community (to my knowledge). Unless telling a child, that is yelling random words in the public, to shut up is considered bullying. Because this what I consider has been happening for the past 4 months.

Mind you this comes from a person who doesn't give a rats' ass about anyones' age and I really hate to pull of the age argument here. But here we are.
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4 years ago
thanks for your input.
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4 years ago
I don't play often, but I do like that NZrankhedgehogs is enthusiastic about things.
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4 years ago
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why does this game attract so many autistic people
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He kind of was

2plus2is5 : 60 down, 0 up
Xivender : 57 down, 3 up
Orfelius : 29 down, 4 up
Firepluk : 22 down, 17 up
Fealthas : 22 down, 3 up
hokomoko : 14 down, 1 up
Anarchid : 13 down, 5 up
CovertMagic : 13 down, 0 up
ikinz : 11 down, 2 up
ivand : 10 down, 2 up
_Shaman : 8 down, 2 up

He was clearly harrassed by GBrank2plus2is5 and DErankXivender

For comparison mine looks like this
[V]sheep : 14 down, 4 up
Firepluk : 3 down, 41 up
Chesti : 3 down, 2 up
Princey : 2 down, 2 up
ElTorero : 2 down, 32 up
mojjj : 2 down, 57 up
[1uP]Willk : 1 down, 0 up
[ffc]killer : 1 down, 3 up
Ivica : 1 down, 2 up
Failer : 1 down, 2 up
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4 years ago
Firepluk needs to be given the ability to simultaneously upvote and downvote a post.
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4 years ago
He was clearly harrassed by GBrank2plus2is5 and DErankXivender

You think this is harrasing? Better dont check mine... :o
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4 years ago
PLrankFailer, I took the bait and you are perfectly fine.. you have lots of upvotes too.. true LVrankSenaven and DErankChesti don't like you but i suspect they don't like anyone.

TheSponge : 50 down, 31 up
_Shaman : 42 down, 79 up
sprang : 32 down, 80 up
Senaven : 32 down, 4 up
TheEloIsALie : 29 down, 122 up
Chesti : 28 down, 6 up
Anarchid : 25 down, 12 up
Forever : 22 down, 31 up
Kyubey : 21 down, 5 up
Sprung : 15 down, 19 up
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4 years ago
Thanks for the info, Captain Hindsight.

Maybe if half of our admin resources weren't dedicated into fixing your constant trolling there would be more to protect people.
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4 years ago
QQ now i want to know mine.
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4 years ago
The most negative players:

Xivender : 381 down, 305 up
2plus2is5 : 60 down, 8 up
Rapheal : 50 down, 28 up
11041 : 11 down, 2 up
swappan : 38 down, 30 up
Jasper : 29 down, 23 up
unsword : 7 down, 2 up
aeonios : 6 down, 2 up
OneShootOneKill : 4 down, 1 up
bamn1 : 4 down, 1 up

GBrank2plus2is5 ONLY downvoted hedgehog and pretty much on every one of his posts.
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Players by number of downvotes RECEIVED:

Forever : 567 down, 850 up
Failer : 513 down, 1431 up
Kyubey : 397 down, 1252 up
Firepluk : 368 down, 1321 up
_Shaman : 340 down, 1385 up
hedgehogs : 336 down, 309 up
[Fx]Drone : 306 down, 944 up
Princey : 278 down, 258 up
TheSponge : 251 down, 1391 up
paShadoWn : 232 down, 37 up
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4 years ago
They are not "my" or "our" admins. Admins are people who volunteered to help. Do you think its fun to watch some silly replays to check claims in reports etc. ?

Technically admins are also people who are developers and would have technical means to do the same actions too, but don't admin actively (like me).

Most of my own resources are spent on coding stuff and fixing bugs.
If there are genuine problems with admins they can be reported and their admin rights re-considered (as had happened in the past).
But to do this yourself you would need to build your trustworthiness.

And it sure does not help if i see your accounts being banned daily or you overtaking my clan and faction using smurfs.
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4 years ago
Admins weren't harassing NZrankhedgehogs, lol. This victim-hood nonsense is silly.
Make high quality posts if you want to get upvoted. Don't produce spam/poison if you dislike downvotes. And do whatever you want if you don't care about the karma system...
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4 years ago
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4 years ago
I dont think its fair to say that I harrassed Hedgehogs at all. He randomly downvoted a post of mine for some obscure reason, so I looked through some of his posts, saw no reason for them and went back through them and downvoted them. THAT IS NOT HARRASSMENT, its using the forum karma system. I noticed by chance that Xivender had also been downvoting him, and it seems he did the same thing for more or less the same reason that I did.

What I did notice though were the actual comments that had been posted in response to his, and I consider them far more a case of harassment, so please dont try and lay the blame at my door. Especially when I made this topic to give people a chance to post something positive and make him feel better.

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4 years ago
But it seems to make them feel good, if they can tell to peoplers half their age how "they should be more humble" or "consider smaller projects" and such crap.

If this constitutes harassment, I guess we can classify your behaviour here as politically motivated terrorism.
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