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Multiplier from Cloaking

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23 months ago
How much more powerful are your attacks if you cloak your units first?
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Depends entirely on the units in question (on both sides). Consider rockos vs warriors:
  • without cloak you are left with all rockos alive. Rockos will take 0 losses against any number of visible warriors.
  • with cloaked rockos, you are also left with all rockos alive. Cloaking rockos against warriors adds exactly zero value.
  • with cloaked warriors, you are left with some/most warriors alive instead. Cloaking adds so much value it turns the fight 180'.
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23 months ago
To add to that, you need to take into account the cost of the cloak itself. To build an eraser and energy to support it is around 1000 metal. Taking the rocko/warrior situation Sprung gave, is it more viable to build 4 more warriors or to invest in an Eraser? This obviously depends on the situation.

Another advantage of cloaking is the element of surprise. It's a lot harder to scout, say, an incoming Scorpion than a Dante, making the reveal a lot more potent. And in some cases, cloaking the Dante would be 100% worth the extra metal- e.g. if you're against spiders who can build infiltrators before the Dante even reaches its destination, you can instead sneak the Dante up to the front lines, cutting the amount of time the enemy can respond with a counter.

But yes, overall, cloaking is a very situational mechanic.
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23 months ago
I guess you know this, but cloak does not increase damage at all. It just gives you the element of surprise, so you can close in to your enemy and then attack before they are able to react.
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4 cloaked penes on holdfire 1shot a warlord. better take 5 to nullify random ship.

oops. did i say pene? i meant Lance.

oops2. did i say warlord? i meant Shogun.
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23 months ago
I think cloaking is super valuable. The main thing holding it back is operator error and attentional requirements. If you fk it up, you'll lose 600 metal for nothing.

But it's extremely valuable. Especially in big team games where hiding your vulnerability is important. I'm not sure if it can have a multiplier value assigned to it, but particular contexts in which it shines include:
- Anything that's expensive that your opponent has the tools to kill. Think, hiding goli from ultimatum.
- Stopping arti from peppering away at your stuff
- Denying people reactive radar options
- 'Teleporting' your short-range high stat units to where they will make the most efficient trades
- Completely reversing the riot vs. skirmisher game
- Creating traps against mobile armies
- Getting off high burst attacks like roaches
- Reducing the energy cost of other cloaked units (they 'decloak' and are recloaked by the eraser)
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