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Oops im Banned

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10 months ago

Anyone can help?

I was banned due to TeamKill, now my question how long, because I am very very very sorry.
And I will not do more in the future.
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10 months ago
Your profile page says 2 days, 21 hours remaining.
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10 months ago
team kill and trolling is not tolerated in this game my guy
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imho for saying sorry i would knock a bit of time off his sentience as its his first offense..

him saying sorry may be the beginning of a long run of good behavior and if he would re-offend it would be a much harsher consequences. perhaps he just had a bad day or was even antagonized.

at any rate sorry is a very good sign and can occasionally be the rare, pure and amazing kind
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10 months ago
it's his first punishment but not first offence
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