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Zero-K on new AMD processors

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5 months ago

does anyone else have problems with running Zero-K on PCs with AMD processors? I have recently bought a new laptop with Ryzen 7 4700U processor and I have big troubles running Zero-K on it. When I enter the lobby, after a while, the whole window just goes black except for a a small random rectangle somewhere in the lobby (for example, I could see just a few names in the "ladders" tab, but the rest of the screen is just black). This happens quite often, usually after two or three minutes in the lobby. Even though I am not able to see anything, the lobby usually still functions - if I was in the multiplayer section waiting for some game to start, it starts even though the lobby clearly didnt function.
Another bug that sometimes happens is that once the game starts, LuaUI doesnt load correctly and I have to reload it using that /luaui reload command. That is not a big problem, because /luaui reload works, it only annoys other players, but that lobby bug is just... ugh.
I have the most recent AMD drivers, 16 gb ram so memory is not a problem, and integrated Ryzen graphics is quite good (plus I am running everything on the lowest settings possible), so I dont know where the problem lies. Am I missing some other driver, or should I download it from the server and not through steam (is that version supported)?

Thank you very much!
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Know little about laptop, im using desktop 2600x

I suggest you...

1. Verify steam files
2. Disable steam overlay
3. Install all latest redistributable packages
4. Update your drivers
5. Update direct X
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5 months ago
Nice to hear some feedback on the new processors!

I'm not surprised you're having problems with Zero-K. ZK doesn't officially support integrated graphics at all, and drivers are always a bit flaky for a bleeding edge CPU/iGPU. There's a good chance that driver updates could fix this over the next few months.

FWIW I'm able to run ZK well on a 2400G with the iGPU - which is also a Vega GPU - but obviously several years old now. I had to wait months for working GPU support in a standard Linux (i.e. to be able to use the iGPU at all), and it has been broken at least twice by kernel upgrades and then later fixed.

TLDR: you might want to keep your old graphics card plugged in for a while, if you have one.
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5 months ago
Recently I had graphical problems and they were fixed once I forced Zero-K to use my dedicated card, as it had been trying to use the integrated one.

To be fair my notebook is old and the integrated card is shite.

But yeah I'd try using a dedicated card if its at all possible for you.
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I only got dedicated graphic card 12 years ago, for 2 years the DELL laptop died.

Then I never used a dedicated graphic card, either laptop or desktop but I play Zero-K and other games.

Driver issue is possible, please update the driver to latest version and use compatiblity mode, you are running it on Windows 10 right?

My current computer is a 8 years old Dell Precision M4800, i7 3740QM + 16G RAM, rarely lag in lobstorpot, haven't got windows installed on this.
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5 months ago
we cannot help you further if you do not provide more information. upload the infolog.txt from your gamedata directory after such things happen.
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5 months ago
I tried everything Lu5ck suggested but it still won't work. So there really must be some problem with the processor or it's integrated graphics. I will try to download as .exe instead of Steam, see how it works, and then I will post here the infolog after some crash.
However, if I don't find a way to fix it, I guess I will just keep using it as it is right now - these bugs are annoying but Zero-K is worth ít, so yeah :) thank you very much for your help!
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5 months ago
You could try playing around with the advanced graphical settings also, besides just lowering the graphics.
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5 months ago
Erm....what you could try is installing previous graphic driver, one of them might work /shrug

Also, report the driver bug to amd while at it
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