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5 months ago
"After all." said General Peckem with his low, well modulated chuckle, "If dropping bombs on the enemy isn't a special service, I wonder what in the world is. Don't you agree? Colonel Scheisskopf gave no indication that he did agree, but General Peckem was already too entranced with his how loquacity to notice. "Our position right now is excellent. Reinforcements like yourself keep arriving and we have more than enough time to plan out entire strategy carefully. Our immediate goal." he said. "is tight here." And General Peckem sung his pointer south to the island of Pianosa and tapped it significantly upon a large word that had been lettered on there with black grease pencil. The word was DREEDLE.

Colnoel Scheisskopf, squinting, moved very close to the map, and for the first time since he entered the room a light of comprehension shed a dim glow over his stolid face. I think I understand," he exclaimed. Yes, I know I understand. Our first job is to capture Dreedle away from the enemy. Right?"

Genereal Peckem laughed benignly, "No, Scheisskopf. Dreedle's on our side, and Dreedle is the enemy. General Dreedle commands four bomb groups what we simply must capture in order to continue our offensive. Conquering General Dreedle will give us the aircraft and vital bases we need to carry our operations into other areas. And that battle, by the way, is just about won."

General Peckem:!poll kick General Dreedle[y=1/5]
General Peckem:kick so I get his units

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5 months ago
At first i thought it was from a book, turns out its just zk. Sadde
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5 months ago
Great book. Most gripping passage for me was an episode in occupied Rome, where American soldier rapes and kills an Italian handmaiden. Yossarian then walks Roman streets and author reflects on the cruelty of this world. I almost cried.
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