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Why players calling each other lobster?

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5 months ago
Is this just from toxic players or there is an actual philosophy behind it?

I remember when I play a team game, a spectator complained about no yelling drama and lobstery thing during the match.
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The philosophy of cooking dem lobs

Lobs are predictable, defensive, and exert almost no pressure on the game outcome

The vet is well versed in cracking open its brittle shell in order to access the tender singu fillets within
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5 months ago
In soft language it means 'noob'/'nub'. Its like calling ass to buttocks. No matter hon unpopular to call that.
However alternative naming sometimes is for big morphed commanders which is inefficient for game contribution. So when somebody bomb, d-gun, cook useless trollcom (or even useful) sometimes they are called 'tasty lobsters'.

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5 months ago
Lobs are tasty, and cooking them is fun.
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5 months ago
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