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Lobster Labs April 10th, 2021 (1v1)

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(Please note, this is not a ranked tournament or an official part of Lobster Roll, season 2. Simply a side event until the 17th when the season actually starts.)

To fill the void in everyone's weekend normally filled by LR, I present to you


* This is not part of LR season 2, nor ranked. Simply a fun warm up/get ready for LR2 bracket.

* Bracket is swiss, rather than the usual double elimination. This means that everyone gets to play the same number of rounds and pairings will be based on win/loss. Tournament will be four rounds of swiss, most likely.

* Make sure to be in discord/zktourney 5 mins before tourney start so I can actually make sure the bracket is right. This seems to have been forgotten... most of last season, somehow. By a few select people.

* As usual for 1v1 tournaments, signup is your own responsibility on Challonge.

* I am using the channel "Stage One" on our discord to do pretourney announcements this time around. IF YOU CAN, PLEASE BE IN THAT CHANNEL 10 MINUTES TILL TOURNAMENT START. (ALL PARTICIPANTS)

Signup link is here.

Tournament starts at 19:00 UTC.
Signups end at 18:30 UTC.

Rules and such are on the Challonge tournament homepage (SUBJECT TO BE EDITED AT ANY POINT).
You can also find the full rules [url]https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KG0n1NrVZI4hkXJDhtNnTF-2phV7wUpQywQ-SA1TzGo/edit#heading=h.3ykdfbzdijxs]here.[/url]

STREAM LINK https://www.twitch.tv/dominiccasts

Joining the Lobster Roll Weekly Discord is not mandatory, but encouraged to keep up with updates and pings easier. You can join the discord here.

Other Important Links:

Link to the ranking site.

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6 days ago
I love the switch from double elimination to swiss...
means a lob like me gets to play more ''highstakes'' games ;)
and thanks for holding this tourney, bar is a subbar game anyway :^)
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6 days ago
bar is a subbar game anyway :^)

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6 days ago
I'll be free to cast this.
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4 days ago
I will add a clause this time around that signups end at 18:30 to make my job (and stream prep) slightly easier.
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4 days ago
Also, please note that joining the discord this season will be extremely important (almost mandatory) as I will be using the stage channel for pretourney yelling announcements.
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4 days ago
hm, i think i will join this one :)
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4 days ago
Get me in! :D
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4 days ago
It's been a while since I was the casual getting stomped in a tourney, count me in!
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2 days ago
Updated map pool:
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26 hours ago
Last day to signup.

Do it or you're a lob
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109 minutes ago
Signups end in 3 ish hours.

Don't be a lob
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62 minutes ago

Should it not read "P2 decides the map" - because if P1 bans last and then decides, he would not have to do his last ban, could simply decide...
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26 minutes ago
No, it's correct. In reality, it makes it so that there are 3 total bans, but it makes it slightly harder for P1 to decide because they have to ban first.

TLDR 3 bans, but fancy
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