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What is micromanaging and APM?

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AUrank4hundred ever told me about improving apm. I know the term about micromanaging too but I still don't know much about it. But I believe by understanding them can control more than just one side of the map and prevent the butterfly effect on team loss.

EDIT: Oh yeah, how do I practice them too?
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APM = Actions per minute.
Its basically the number of keystrokes you do.
And of course, a higher apm allows you to do more stuff then others.
(More isnt always better. But it is usefull none the less)

Micromanaging or short micro, is the ability to do stuff on a very small level.
This can be stuff like the precise movement of a few units.
The exact positionement of defenses.
And so on.

I would suggest to watch a few high ranked 1v1 games and select some units + press shift at the same time.
This allows you to see all the commands given to them.
If the player is fast, you will see commands constantly being added/changed.
And at the same time notice how small micro management will happen.

Best of luck
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58 days ago
Under Settings/Interface/Command Visibility, accessable with simple settings unticked, "Commands are drawn for" can change when all commands are drawn for units.

There's also a widget LockCamera by Evil4Zerggin, that records camera positon and broadcast to other players/spectators. It's nondefault, I try to use it but it's often times just ignored. It might have some bugs with cammera recall state. It would be cool if it worked well.
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58 days ago
I use group keys but I tend to use them for unit division:

Group 1: Raiders and frontline units
Group 2: Escorts, riots, and assault units
Group 3: Constructors
Group 4: Skirmishers and artilleries
Group 5: Artilleries and heavy artilleries
Group 6: Demi striders, striders, miscellaneous, captured, and resurrected units
Group 7: Special units
Group 8: Anti-air units
Group 9: Static artilleries and superweapons
Group 0: Scouts and disposable units

Should I practice not doing this?
Because I figure out that group keys could be used as quick selection for units on each side.
Like Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel, India, Juliet
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58 days ago
rANDY doesn't have any ZK videos on his twitch but he does have some of that other spring game, on the same engine.

If you watch him play you can get an idea of how he moves his camera around and the speed at which he gives orders to units.

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58 days ago
Using groups is good so good choice there.

Also grouping certain unittypes is fine.
Although i would not pair arty and skirimishers, but thats personal preference.

However, I would not "limit" myself to that setup.
I often change my groups during games, just the way i need it during that moment.
For an example sometimes you dont have raiders, but 5 different striders. Then it can make sense to give each one a group to select them faster, and by microing them individually, enhance your performance.
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58 days ago
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55 days ago
APM increases with practice and focus. If you are tired, then your APM will be slower. It's as much a factor of your mental abilities as your physical abilities. You will also develop muscle memory much like using a keyboard or playing a musical instrument because clicking fast is only good if done with precision.
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the best advice i got about increasing apm was from USrankFealthas

"just try not to only look at the screen and do nothing. do something all the time." (well that wasn`T exactly what he said, but thats what i got out of it...)

10 good clicks are better than 1 good click. 10 bad clicks are worse than 1 good click.
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