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Performance problems

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2 years ago

I love this game but at the moment I am bound to my laptop and the performance is bad...

I am trying to play on 1280x720 but still get around 25 - 20 fps at the start of a campaign mission. Only dropping from there as the game goes on.

Specs are a

16gb RAM
1050 4gb mobile

turned down all the graphical options to no avail sadly.
Is there something I am missing? Something I can do?`

Thanks in advance for any help

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2 years ago
There is a option called minimal graphics in the settings menu,
try lifting ur laptop from the surface its placed on
icecubes ?
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Sounds like your laptop is trying to run the game with your Intel video instead of your Nvidia. That's about the performance level I've seen from integrated graphics.

Check inside your zero-k folder for a file called infolog.txt. Fairly early in the file you should see something like this:

SDL version : 2.0.8 (linked) / 2.0.8 (compiled)
GL version : 4.6.0 NVIDIA 466.27
GL vendor : NVIDIA Corporation

I'd bet that yours will probably say it's using the Intel instead. If so, then you would need to use your Nvidia driver software to tell Zero-K (spring.exe) to open with the Nvidia card, and the performance should pick right up.
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2 years ago
thank you Porkchop

that did it. I thought it was enough to add the zero-k.exe but now with the spring.exe added it runs much better,

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