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Napoleon playstyle

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7 days ago
Hello I did have fun playing and making a timelapse where I play with a great army, I wonder if you could watch it and tell me what can I try to do to play better or idk maybe just say a nice thing it would be nice of you, I would love to make more videos and concepts with the game and so I hope I can bring a lil something to the game.

Bye, have a nice day/night! =^w^=
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7 days ago
- Morph the commander does not make sense, since the commander dies with particular ease in the middle stage of the game.
- Use winds, because they give more energy on this map. Winds display their minimum range E before they are built, anything above 0.5E is good.
- Use caratekers. Caratekers are cheaper relative to buildpowers. Buildpower is the construction speed per second. Every builder has a buildpower. Line up your group of builders in relation to the buildpower, where the amount of mined metal is exactly the same as the buildpower of your caratekers. If you do +30 metal per second, 3 caratekers (30 BP) are enough.

In your game, you played with a bot that did all the raids at the beginning of the game, allowing you to survive, you don't really develop as a player from that. The best vector of development for a player is the ability to play 1 on 1. Learn to defeat AI 1 on 1, on special maps for rating 1 on 1 games. As soon as you learn how to defeat one brutal bot 1v1, then in ranked games your level of play will immediately increase. To defeat a brutal bot, you must learn:

- Correct expansion development.
- Correct economic development.
- Raiding.
- Unit typing.
- Improve your micro and macro.
- Correct installation of protective structures.

Having received these skills, you will become stronger and then your rank will increase.
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6 days ago
Great advice from Izirayd.

I would add: become familiar with the most powerful tactics of each factory.

For example, Crab on a terra spire is hard for other factories to deal with. Early fencer rush is powerful for rover. Jugglenaut used by a pro is horrible to face down etc.
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