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Mod "Future Wars v0.21.6" crashing

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15 days ago
is it only me?

I used to play single player with the mod "future wars v.0.21.6" activated.
Since the last update this always crashes the game.

Anything I can do about this?

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14 days ago
0.21.6 is outdated. The current version is 0.22.40. Due to updates in base game, older versions past a certain point (0.22.10 I think?) are no longer supported. Is there any particular reason why you're playing on 0.21.6?
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12 days ago
V21.6 is the newest one I see in the list "SinglePlayer\Skirmish\Options\Select Mod".
Did work in the past, so I didn´t look any further.

Just noticed the entries in "Select Custom Mode".
There is now an entry "Future wars 22.40.
Tested it: OK


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