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Commander usage statistics

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49 days ago
Is it possible to see statistics on how much is a commander or module used? Or which factory or unit?

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I am not aware of a currently active tool to do that for commander usage.

https://zkstats.antihype.space/# tracks factory plop stats in 1v1; I would guess that it would be relatively straightforward to generalise the tracking to commander chassis if NZrankesainane felt like putting the work in to do it. Commander modules might be a bit tricker.
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Might as well use polls here on the forums.
I'll try to use this follow-up post as a congregate of polls.

https://strawpoll.com/polls/61gDBjQEOyw < Favorite commander
https://strawpoll.com/polls/mpnbawGDMy5 < Favorite weapon
https://strawpoll.com/polls/GeZANe90EyV < Worst weapon

Two new polls:
https://strawpoll.com/polls/6QnM7GNNkZe < Should commanders be buffed
https://strawpoll.com/polls/XmZRj8Nj3Zd < How should commanders be buffed
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45 days ago
Thank you for the poll, HRrankMajo, good idea.

A couple days ago I was out trolling the chickens with a level 13 Dog The Bounty Hunter.
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37 days ago
Why do people like eng com? is the added build power that powerful when you can build additional con compared to free get out jail card, free scout, and ability to have early "strider"/dgun?
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37 days ago
While the Engi com is my least used commander, I can tell you people use it because of the increased buildpower range.
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32 days ago
It's one of two most used lobsterpot commanders with recon as far as I can see in games, Engi has build power and recon has speed/mobility right off the start and both can be easily upgraded with the first 1-2 levels to be even better.

As far as I've experienced both Strike and Guardian commanders require too much upgrades for their passive advantage/difference compared to other commanders to matter.
Strike is the tanky one with regeneration but damage beats regen especially with commanders being an unique unit.
Guardian has drones... just normal drones who's only good side is being able to open up razors turrets so they take full damage without their closed up armor.

Guardian seriously needs some buffs to drone leaning side, a lower cooldown between drone dying and being rebuilt as well as faster build speed. Even if you get maxed build power modules and manually assist the drone construction for metal cost it's still just a really poor AA bait factory.
If you wanted a drone swarm it's cheaper, faster and more efficient to just spam build Reefs, they got several drone building spots and good range on sending them out to attack. And that's just the drone capability.

For Strike I wouldn't mind giving Strike something akin to zombie-like self-resurrection in addition to regen per level, you'll lose the levels and the metal/energy income but the body at least comes back.
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32 days ago
HRrankMajo tbh Guardian commander is pretty good - I see it very often in 1v1 and I very often use Guardian myself. That one basic drone is not there to deal much damage, it is there to provide vision and harrass units that cannot defend against it (rogues, etc.) (but mostly the vision). Vision is invaluable if you have artillery and dont have enough metal to make owl or some cloaky spotter. Plus, it's just a bit tankier than other commanders and you can build the riot cannon, which is great against raiders.
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