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A button to skip catch up in a game

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14 days ago
Lots of times I want to catch up to a game that's going on for lets say 1 hour, but even with the catch up speed it takes atleast 10 minutes or even more. If you crash mid game in a long 1 hour big team game you would want to rejoin back very fast to not miss anything.

I suggest adding some skip catch up button? So that you don't have to wait to catch up.

I'm not good with coding so I'm not really sure if this is a complicated thing or not.
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14 days ago
It may not be possible, it's the way the game engine was designed...
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As best I understand it, your computer has to playback the entire game to date to understand what the current game state is, so the catch up cannot be eliminated entirely. Your computer doesn't have to show you the game while it is being played back, so some time savings are probably possible. You can get at least some of the way to this manually; type "/luaui disable" or some such, and zoom in to a corner of the map so you aren't looking at the entire battlefield.

(Possibly the above is out of date, at least theoretically; there have been advances in save/load technology over the last few years that I have not kept track of. However, you would have to get the save file from somewhere, and unless the save/load technology is very polished trying this in a large game sounds like a recipe for desyncs.)
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14 days ago
How about saveing some kind of keyframe every 10 min and go from there?
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