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Moep's new ride

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40 days ago

i got pics from ESrankmoepmoep on his new bike, happy halloween yall.
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lie lol

reverse image search


kinda sad imo

buy at
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39 days ago
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If this is a joke you are having with ESrankmoepmoep then carry on I guess.

If this is a joke you are having at the expense of ESrankmoepmoep then please stop.

You can have the benefit of the doubt for now unless ESrankmoepmoep says otherwise.
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I totally agree AUrankAdminAquanim we must strictly define what fun is in ZK COC and ask for admin permission before having it.

Its a followup to conversation we had. youre not into motocycles so it doesnt apply to you.
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for those of you who still desire a way to bully someone.. i think there is a grey area.. we are still allowed to make fun of ourselves as long as we dont report it as abuse =P

some people even say that making fun of someone else is already a bit like making fun of yourself..
and i tend to agree since we all started basically the same as babies.. so more or less the circumstances of our upbringing would have made me into any/all of you if born in your shoes.

but since we are now diverse.. i guess walk your own paths
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Its a followup to conversation we had.

Okay, good for the two of you.

As for your first sentence... there's an important difference between "having fun" and "having fun by making other people not have fun". You don't need admin permission for the first, and you don't have admin permission for the second.

As long as you're not doing the second I don't think we have a problem.
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did any abuse happen here?
did someone complain?
that pic is so obviuosly out of loop it screams joke. 2 ppl got it.

also there is no we here, since noone reported anything.
any abuse is you getting in and making hypothetical scenarios and doing lectures on whatifs.
i know how to say sorry if somoene complains. such thing didnt happen.
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38 days ago
^ you may be right it may not offend anyone.. =) lets hope so.. i cant see why it would.. looks like a fun thing riding a bike like that really.
well.. fun and scary... scary movie fun
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