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New Engine is Buggy in Future Wars

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I just had a few matches in Future Wars and everything is broken, constant lag of 3-4 seconds, shields that are not visible, and sumo from Future Wars that lags everything to hell and back.

Edit: This seems to happen only for Future Wars
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17 days ago
Maybe FutureWars needs some adaption for the new engine.
I like that mod, too.

Basic Zero-K seems okay after the update, though.
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Updated to v0.30.10, fixing compatibility. Sorry it took so long, was taking time to address other issues as well.

Issue wasn't engine related, but stable broke comm weapon defs. This was fixed.

Known issues:
- Commanders cannot morph shields or resurrection.
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14 days ago
Thx USrankShaman
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v0.30.11 fixes the comm morph issues. They were caused by a slight oversight in code.

NOrankskuggmodzer0 you may need to update your own code
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What are those values, anyway? I don't recognize that part of the code.

The comm code gives the impression of being many layers stacked on top of each other over the years.
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14 days ago
So the commanders apparently get clones of themselves. Those values tell you which modules can appear where. So when you updated the code to scale like 1 1 2 2 3 3 the replacement Def for level 2 reference dynsupport1_001 or 100 which didn't appear. The clone defs assumed you got shield at lv2 which became lv3.
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14 days ago
OK, interesting. Next question on that topic: why do these particular modules require commander "clones"? Shields, rez and jumpjets. hhmmm

I hope it didn't take too much time for you to track down the error.
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Hey USrankShaman you've got to explain that to me, the comm code is so layered its going to take me forever to figure it out myself.
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Okay, so the clonedefs are there to do a few things:

1.) Shield:
Shields cannot be dynamically controlled via lua (yet) so area vs personal shield need two defs.

2.) Lazarus:
This is mostly due to the unitdef tag "canResurrect". This just simplifies the code a bit I think.

3.) Jumpjets:
This seems outdated. You can inject the jump command and dynamically control range/reload (in fact FW does this already). This is because jumpjets are completely lua. I just made entry points for them to be changed on the fly. In fact, I could potentially tie JJ range / reload to jump distance. It would not be too difficult to do this lua side.
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