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I feel so dirty.

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Why do i do it to myself... There are people just living happlily drinking in tiki bars....


A geometry nodes version of blenders screw modifier. It takes usual things as angle, and steps, and rotation and height of the screwing, but also has optional fill caps, and axis vector of rotation, and most of all selection of the screwing mesh by vertex groups. and shade smooth option.

It will have like 2 maybe 3 uses tops in thing i do... but like yea... :) 2 days of work. Aint she a beauty?

And yea, i seen the spiral curve node, but it gave wierd border condition output at tips of the curve that wasnt production ready for thing i do... so i rewrote one from scratch :)

Not to mention that it uses in 2 places, the own transform node, that is amped with selection of vertices by vertex groups so it does selective transform, but fluid selective so like if you have some border condition of something being in vertex group and other and subdiv it so it creates a gradient of weights, so this transform understands fluid belonging to a group and is doing fluid transform based on weight of the group, and is dropin replacement to blenders transform node, but also amped with angle-axis rotation option :) (one part of jet engine im working on requires it too. long story...)

In short i shoudlve learn rhino3d CAD instead, the most artsy freeform cad there is, but like yea... :)
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12 months ago
I am physically allergic to visual diagram programming.
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12 months ago
unknownrankTinySpider you have to approach it with knowing understanding that everything is interconnected. so its essentially is same bullshit but in different wrapper...
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