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Coms and Com names.

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5 months ago
I'd like to know
A) What com builds are you using, if any - and do they work for you?
B) Do any of your com names have a special meaning?

I'll start with my most used and successfull com build, Shieldhomie, a shieldball supporter Engineer com.

Starting out with a shotty & damage booster cuz early shieldball kinda sucks at riot.
lvl 3 adding radar jammer, so those pesky artillery at least need to be manually aimed to drain your shields.
lvl 4 switching to shock rifle, by now Felons should be out, Com doesnt need to and should not do Riot anymore - he switches to a skirmish / artillery role now, all the while swimming along in the shieldbubble. Add on range, damage booster and hp.
Actually had some good success with that Com, if you use your shieldball well hes a magnificent addition with great synergy and pretty decent survivability due to shieldball cover.

Drowned God - obvious Game of Thrones reference, unarmed Engineer com that specializes in ressurecting dead ships while being untouchable for Envoy and Lance. For that classical Siren+Envoy fleet duel.

HardBoiledCrustacean - Battlecom with dual HMG thats supposed to replace the often all too fragile Ogres in Tankfactory.
Doesn't really work, usually gets head-hunted. gg.
May need cloak / area cloak and hold fire to be more successfull.

Frozen Yak - Recon com with deeplore name. You know Total Annihilation? Total Annihilation was created by a company named Cavedog. At some point they were creating a rumor that they'll rename themself as... FrozenYak!
Com itself is unspectular, HMG recon com with Cluster Bomb and a bunch of range addons later on, pretty decent at deleting small unit spam and ambushes. Plays along fairly decently with spiders or jumpys.

What are the com builds you created, do they work well for you - and do their names have meaning? ^^
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5 months ago
I have three named coms I use, and all of their names are indeed representative of something about them.

Godot - My guardian com, named so because he will, as one may guess, never arrive when it is actually time for him to... or chances are, later either.

Contact - Named so because it's the com I use most for contacting the enemy, and for actually going up to the frontlines, and making it there.

Genesis - Here we have a com who's named Genesis because I will almost never run the same build twice. Recon com moment, truly.

Contact tends to favor light particle beam with either range/speed or bp/speed modules, eventually teching into sniper com or heavy particle beam. Often doesn't get that far though, thanks to how fast buildpower grows on engineer coms.

Genesis, as one may expect, varies hugely. Definitely the com I use the most, because they're most usable like other units, which tend to be what I gravitate to. I like Lightning Gun on Genesis though, very useful overall.

Godot is one of two things. Range skirmisher com with the rocket launchers, or a trollcom to abuse placeholder mechanics with heatray. Either way, usually too slow to actually get to the fight in time, including but not limited to Daybreak Canyon.
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5 months ago
I have chosen Greek mythology naming:

Hermes - recon comm, meant for going in and out. My preferred comm
Apollo - builder comm
Zeus - should have lighting gun and be a balanced comm
Ares - should be used to be aggressive, really warrior comm.

Don't like that much to upgrade comms (to expensive and you need to babysit it), so I generally just for recon comm as I like the jump and that's it.
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Back in the day, Zero-K had 4 commander chassis and they were named according to verb-like tactical roles they were to fulfill: Strike, Battle, Recon, Support; all quite elegant and consistent.

At some point in the evolutions of the chassis roster, Battle became Bombard, then Siege, then Guardian; Support became Engineer. This was inconsistent and inelegant and annoyed me to no end.

So i started mocking it in my commander names - when Bombard happened, i made a "bombard" chassis and called it Mangonel commander to poke a finger at how medieval and noun-like the new name was.

Since the contamination of the original perfect scheme proceeded apace with addition of Engineer instead of Support, the mocking also intensified: i would name them things like Reconer Command and Engine Commandeer.

Eventually this mockery-powered memetic evolution reached the apotheosis, and now it's things like Gundam Comissar for the guardian chassis or Engineered Comma for engine commandeer.
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I have mostly invalid/strange names:

Rikkaruohomyrkky -- Weedpoison. It kills stuff with drones in FW, spraying weed poison everywhere to kill off the enemy weeds.
Oon turisti -- I'm a tourist. Self explanatory base tourism commander.
Hellaratsastaja -- Ovenrider (with a funny usage of ratsastaja!). In-joke with terve886: Hell(a)rider (Hell-rider is a cool name) -> badly translated funny name.
"" and "" -- Invalid names to try to fuck with the site/game. Now the rarest commander names ever since you can't do "" anymore.
Uuniton Uuni -- "Stoveless Stove": in-joke from learning Finnish grammar with FIrankAdminAlcur. Kind of symbolic in a way for useless objects. A stove without an stove is just a metal cube I guess, which isn't exactly useful.
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5 months ago
My builds are fairly straightforward.

Engineer commander starts off with pure build power modules, Beam Laser starting weapon and Disruptor bomb on level 3.
Level 4 is free choice of basic modules depending on what is needed, usually it's 3x speed, and 'finishing' with Radar jammer - Area Cloak and Resurrection module on level 5. Everything past level 5 is just metal dump to stat-stick the com some more.

Recon commander 1 with slow support role build, starts off with pure speed modules, Light Particle Beam starting weapon and Disruptor Bomb on level 3, get personal cloak, radar jammer and either autorepair or armor plating on level 4, level 5 and 6 get range module and final autorepair or armor. Next levels are just metal dumping again for bigger stat-stick.

Recon commander 2 with fire support role build, similar as last - pure range modules. Flamethrower starting weapon and Hellfire Grenade at level 3, cloak+jammer+autorepair/armor at level 4, movement speed for level 5 and 6. Metal dump past that.
Laughably bad, hellfire grenade is pathetic as far as manual fire weapons go. You're better off taking Rocket Launcher and upgrading it with Napalm module.

Siege commander starts off with either Rocket Launcher or Riot Cannon and gets S.L.A.M. launcher at level 3. Pure range modules followed by speed and damage modules. Turn your commander into shitty Impaler.

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the com i use 99,9% is an eco com. the longrange nanolathe is, what gets me (add per level max build modules and probably later a resurrect, and much time later as in never an area cloaker).

as my playstyle is mostly frontline action, you will find me there plopping turrets till map is fully distributed. adding turrets puts instant pressure there and mostly i am able to push more ground to my team. also, check the awards in top 50 and you can learn this by the defender award, which is on my account probably higher then other players of the same elo region. to ridicule this, my com survives most games unharmed despite being at frontline. maybe i should give skuttle lessons.

about the name. it is the rest of a quote of one of the best westerns ever made. i had 5 other coms, which were named orderly to form together the full quote. but they are gone, so just this guy remains.

if you see me using not this com, you know some serious stuff is up.
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59 days ago
OP Recon = Random upgrades
OP Engineer = Random upgrades
OP Guardian = Random upgrades
Strike = useless
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58 days ago
Yep the names do reflect the commander roles.

My usual commander is Buildmaster2000 which is an Engineer commander with a bunch of nanolathe upgrades. Since I tend to push porc, it's very useful in that role. The '2000' at the end is an addition that I find amusing. Before the year 2000 products used to sometimes get a 2000 tag to make them seem more futuristic and advanced lol.

Endurance - the name speaks for itself. This commander uses dual heat beams and a ton of armour upgrades so that it is extremely tanky. Since my playstyle often involves walls and defences he's great when they try bumrush me. Endurance can handle several jacks at a time and I've had a lot of metal donations like that. Eventually the enemy twigs on and sends an ulti, though.

Tex Willer - There's an Italian series of comic books featuring an American cowboy called Tex Willer. In honour of that the usual loadout is dual machine guns. Tex used to be much better with the extra range upgrades which are gone now, sadly.

Surtur - recalling the fire demon Surtur, uses hellfire grenade and flamethrower. Very effective against little weenie hordes.
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