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Lance strider

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So. Imagine this. Spider having a lance cannon, BUT

This cannon charges as you hold fire.
When it charges it gains damage and range.
Starting from LLT range and damage with no charge to double lance damage and cerb range, when fully charged.
The charging curve is slightly exponential to promote charging on hold fire, but it can go pew pew pew machinegun on low charge but with limited range that it gains when charging.
Also as it charges it starts sparking around like the fast riot spider, and as its charged up it has more massive explosion range when killed, like half of big geo range, with a mushroom cloud when killed.
Hp of 3 lances.

Watcha think?
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You want lance strider that can hold it's own at close range?
Try paladin

Though in all seriousness there's quite a few issues here. The main issue is that this strider takes the bad parts of lance and cranks them up even more. Charging while on hold fire is a cool mechanic, but it is horrible because not only does it create a lot of micro, but it also gives the unit potientially infinite alpha. Any strider could just suddenly get wiped off the map by an instakill laser without any form of counterplay to be done, because the lance could be deep within enemy porc. The main counterplay would be to spam shields, since their health actually scales enough to take on the lance strider, which encourages the shield spam that makes pots so cancerous even more
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Nah. i dont. i want lance strider that has some cool variable cannon, but blows up spectacurally if charged... for tactical anti porc strikes, in time around first cerbs popping up. before palas and berthas. its pew pew pew tinly llt is just a llt for a stray glaive or two
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Note that cereb is 2.5k, less than every strider but athena and ulti. the heavies non strider arty, tremor, is 1.6k, and 2 lances is 2k. there isn't really much space between traditional arty and cereb that you can fit in a strider
Hitscan Alpha also counters mobile units a lot more than the giant pot shieldballs (who are countered by either shield pen, which lasers are incapable of even at starlight levels, or continous saturation dps, which this unit is not). Units will slowly get attritioned by hitscan alpha while shieldballs can tank the alpha as a whole and match the lower dps of hitscan with their regen more easily
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were talking a double lance hit at cerb range. i dont think its gonna be insta kill, when the thingy is like say 4-6k a pop (yea 2k a pop is kinda too cheap, but like 3k at least sounds fun, 2 lance hit at price of 3 lances, but with distance)
also when maxed out and keeping charge its a liability to own porc detonating at half of moho geo when charged..
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we can further nerf it, so if hit with paralysers, it malfunctions and explodes... so its then couterable with silo para, and the boom is proportional to the charge level
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10 months ago
lance with cerb range sounds like a nightmare, more or less just undodgable merlin
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