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How to learn zk effectively (apparently)

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It has gaming in the vid dw.
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30 days ago
This sounds like coaching to be honest.

I wonder how it compares to if you are told to focus on the wrong or irrelevant things compared to the important things :P
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30 days ago
And the wrong thing would be?
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For their game?
I don't know.
For ZK?
Well it would be like telling a noob focus on the placement of non-reclaimable features of the map.
Or telling them to focus on the music of the game.
Or telling them to focus on the color palette of the UI.

They would probably increase their level of skill slower if told to focus on those things :P
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30 days ago
Now don't get me wrong.
I totally recommend that new players practice and focus on certain aspects of gameplay if they want to improve quickly.
Like if someone really want to improve quickly, you should basically physically handhold them to teach them how to micro their units effectively.
But it is not like a totally new RTS player are that likely to come up with a good list of gameplay aspects to focus on their own.
They might focus on defense or terraforming for example which are good skills to have in the end, but if they don't learn how to expand and be aggressive first, it might hamper their skills a lot if they dig down and porcs even harder to survive longer, instead of learning how to incorporate defenses and terraforming into an effective strategy that almost always requires focus on expansion and aggression first and foremost.
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29 days ago
Yes, sure, a good (!) teacher/coach can save you a lot of headache.
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